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10 Beauty Brands That Create Inclusive Products


Inclusivity is a buzzword in the fashion and beauty industry now more than ever, but there is no long-running track record to show immense progress, so far things are trending toward inclusivity and diverse representation but there is a long way to go.

Specifically, in the beauty industry, a problem that many people of color have is finding products that match their skin tone. Celebrity chef Padma Lakshmi is one of the hundreds of women who have faced this issue, she said in a Vogue interview that she used to have to bring her own foundation to sets because makeup artists never had it. Influencer Nyma Tang has been one of the major voices behind busting colorism in the beauty industry with her Social Media brand The Darkest Shade.

Many brands are listening, Gen Z has pushed for that need from brands to be transparent and serve those who buy, but there are many brands who have always been leading the way for diversity.

Check out these beauty brands that have made diversity and inclusion their number one since day one.


10 Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever has always been committed to making products for any person, with any skin tone and of any gender. With over 40 shades to choose from, there is a wide range of coverage that continues to grow with the brand.

They are particularly passionate about diversity and inclusion, not just by creating products that represent their customers but by promoting the fact that makeup is genderless.

Check out their Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation which is a viral product with ultra coverage.

9 Mented Cosmetics

Mented Cosmetics was founded by AJ Miller and Amanda E. Johnson who have released statements time and time again committing to putting representation first. Their eos is that every person deserves to see themselves represented in beauty.

A standout brand from Mented Cosmetics is the Everyday Eyeshadow Palette which is full of nudes, browns, blush and purple hues which are particularly perfect for darker skin tones. After eight weeks on the market the product soldout, and drafted a waitlist of hundreds.

8 Fenty

Fenty which is led by the queen herself, Rihanna, is one of the most viral brands for inclusivity – but let it be known they were not the first. One valuable thing about Fenty and brands that put diversity first, is they listen to customers and take feedback about the colors.

Fenty releases new hues based on what their customers say, they are listening and showing a dedication to improving their colors.

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7 Glossier

Glossier is one of the most successful brands in pushing for sustainability and clean ingredients in their products, but they have also taken the path of representation.

When you visit their website, they always have their products modeled on people with at least a darker, medium and light skin tone so that you can see how the product would look based on your complexion. Their products are also designed to blend into your natural skin color, celebrating your natural beauty.

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6 A.P.D.G.

A.P.D.G has over 33 shades of foundation, with impeccable priming and buildable ability. Aside from offering such as a wide variety of shades, they prioritize getting the darker tones just right.

Their Instagram says they are going through a re-launch in 2022, get ready for a whole new campaign that surely buts diversity at its core.

5 Milk Cosmetics

Milk is vegan, clean and cruelty-free but don’t forget they are also a leader in creating products with inclusion at its core. The brand believes that every person should be able to feel beautiful with or without makeup, from everyday looks to a full-on studio glam.

Aside from offering shades that blend perfectly into a wide range of skin tones, they also model their products on multiple people with different skin tones so you can see how they would look on you.

4 MAC Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics has been at the top of the beauty industry for a long time and is a leader in inclusion. From the beginning, their foundations have always come in a wide range of colors, with the Studio Fix Foundation having 50 and the Fluid Foundation having 40.

Plus, they are committed to listening and constantly refining their products until they get them just right.

3 EveryHue Beauty

EveryHue Beauty prioritizes creating products for multiethnic people according to their website and diversity statement, and their name every signifies their commitment to creating products that make people feel represented.

Try their viral tinted moisturizer with SPF and multivitamins for a light yet effective coverage.

2 Becca

Becca has sold a viral Champagne pop highlighter that has been a favorite for women of color due to the gorgeous shine it provides on darker skin tones. Recently the brand received more recognition for its inclusion by expanding its highlighters to 10 more shades, creating the largest highlighter color range for any beauty brand.


Black Opal is Black women-owned and strives in making makeup products for people of color, and aside from also being vegan and cruelty-free, their products are affordable.

You can buy Black Opal in stores like Target, which is revolutionizing the variety of options for people of color shopping for everyday makeup.

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