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10 Beauty Trends From 2022 High Fashion Runways & Models


You can get the runway look with these easy beauty tips from models and designers. You don’t need high fashion to look like it.

From fashion month to the covers of the biggest fashion magazines, there are some standout hair and makeup trends strutting the runways.

From big changes to hair, eye browns and always a statement makeup trend, this year is inviting folks to have fun with makeup. Find out how to DIY the biggest high-fashion beauty and makeup trends at home, for such big looks they are quite easy to repeat yourself flawlessly.

Have fun with makeup, get the right products and step up your style with these 10 runways trends.


10 Change Up The Color

Kendall Jenner made a bold change this fashion month with her copper orange hair. She is not alone, the last tear Gigi Hadid went dark red, and stars like Dua Lipa are the queen of making drastic color changes.

If you are ready for a big change, go big or go home with a new color. Remember that if you color your hair use special color-treated hair techniques and products. 

9 Bleached Out Brows

Stars like Maisie Williams have been rocking bleached brows for the last year, but this year’s fashion month saw many runways with entire groups of models going browless.

To make a drastic change to your brows is a bold step, but the good thing is you can create any form, shape or color depending on how you feel that day. This is the trend for you if you want brows to become something you choose to put on each day like your clothes.

8 Glow & Shine

There is no doubt that the makeup trends these days border natural beauty, but with glowing and shining products. From Haloscape shine to illuminating highlighters, and even bronzers with a bit of metallic glow, find a product that helps you shine.

A tip is to put the highlighting product under your face makeup for a natural glow!

7 Lots Of Braids

Braids are here to stay as a fun way to change up your hair without any added time to your morning routine. Are you in-between wash days? Braid your hair. Don’t know what accessories to add to today’s outfit? Braid your hair instead.

From front braids to side braids, and full-on french braids you can do a lot with these simple twists.

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6 Euphoria Face Sparkles

The creative costume designer, Heidi Bivens, behind the viral and iconic looks from HBO’s Euphoria has also stricken a makeup trend: Euphoria makeup.

This is using colors to create like your face is a blank canvas. Although, face sequins are a standout in terms of trending beauty products for an everyday look.

5 Red Lips

Have red lips ever gone out of style? The answer is no, but they are definitely having a limelight moment in the high-fashion world as seen on the runways and in big fashion house print campaigns.

Find your perfect red shade, from gloss to cream or matte that brings out your unique undertones for everyday styling from Cruela red to cherry or even a berry hue.

4 Barely There Makeup

In high fashion, almost always the clothes are the center of attention and for that reason is quite normal on a runway to see natural if not barely-there makeup so that the clothes can have their moment.

The general rule in fashion is shoes, outfits or makeup, pick one and the rest can be an accessory. Although, mastering the barely-there makeup trend for everyday makeup is harder than it looks because you need reliable products.

To get this look your best products will be a tinted moisturizer or C.C. cream, a smooth mascara, a highlighter and of course the perfectly filled-in brows or even a clear holding liquid.

3 Statement Eyes

Statement eyes is a vague term, but it is connected to this year’s emphasis on bright and cold colors. From clothing to makeup, this is the year to wear pink and blue eye shadow with a shimmering neon eyeliner.

Because, why not? Makeup is for having fun, feeling your best and expressing yourself. Get a neon eyeliner or a sparkling palette and go to town.

2 Wet Hair Trend

The wet hair trend has definitely taken over high fashion from stars like Rosalia making it her go-to look during music videos, to runways using the wet hair look to create a uniform aesthetic.

You can do this look at home, you simply need a reliable hair gel, and an occlusive layer to lock in moisture and water. Go from super damp to the sea mist look from your own home.

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1 Deep Smokey Eye

The smokey eye is back, and it is not holding back in darkness. In the past, fashion has seen various shades of smokey, but this time the look is smoldering darkness.

Zendaya rocked a super dark smokey eye at Oscar’s red carpet after-party, and runways are full of smokey eye models. It is a great move on behalf of fashion houses as the makeup trend looks great on all skin tones and faces.

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