23/07/2024 4:52 AM


Piece of That Fashion

10 TikTok makeup products and hacks for beauty lovers

Step aside, magazines. You can keep up with the most recent beauty trends in under 60 seconds — all thanks to TikTok.

The video platform is great for staying up to date on the latest trends, from leggings that give your backside a boost to kitchen hacks that make cooking and cleaning a breeze. Made even easier to find, the hashtag #tiktokmademebuyit is full of products from Amazon, Walmart and even the dollar store, vetted by hundreds of thousands of users looking for the best hacks and buys.

Of course, those recommendations also include cosmetics, with countless users showing off new products and brands in action. And since TikTok allows online shoppers to discover reviews from real users, you no longer need to do any of the guesswork.

Since the #tiktokmademebuyit hashtag is a very large rabbit hole, save yourself the scroll-through time and check out TikTok’s most viral beauty and fashion finds here.

Lift your lashes to the extreme with the new Maybelline Sky High mascara.

The product took off on TikTok after many users with short or pale lashes tried it on for themselves, filming the transformation coat by coat. In a video viewed more than 29.9 million times, user @kspader79 applies the mascara three times, lifting her lashes to an extreme degree without clumping or smudging.

“Where did those lashes just come from? Like are you serious right now?” asks Spader in the video, with links to Amazon for this eye-popping product.

“Okay, go buy it,” she concludes.

This lipstick’s staying power is no secret, after blowing up the internet with its no-smudge claim and vibrant colors.

From NYX Professional Makeup, the Shine Loud gloss will not budge — even when faced with eating, drinking and smooching, too.

As demonstrated in one viral video, TikTok user and makeup artist Stephanie Valentine (@glamzillaxo) applies the hot pink shade to her lips, topping it off with the clear gloss to set the makeup. After swiping her fingers across her newly pigmented lips, they come away clean, with no gloss smudge in sight.

“Here’s the test,” she says, loudly kissing her fingers. “No transfer of color.”

Someone better tell Zendaya’s “Euphoria” character Rue that her glitter look has been figured out by TikTok — and for only $22.

From Lemonhead LA, the high-def glitter is actually a highlighter but can be worn everywhere from eyelids to cheeks to add more than just a pop of glitter to your look.

“This isn’t even fancy lighting, this is just the lighting in my bedroom. This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen,” says user @ramenflavored4loko. Her video and review has now been watched over 2.9 million times and racked up more than 638,400 likes.

TikTok has got your back, and your front, with this skin-care hack from Truly Beauty.

In a video by @alishamarie, she raves about this skin-care duo for both your breasts and your bum. The first product is Acai Your Boobies, which is a fluffy purple mixture made to lift, firm and tighten the delicate skin on your breasts. The second product is for anyone with a butt who wants the same thing, this time coming in a watermelon scent dubbed Buns of Glowry.

Her video was watched more than 2.4 million times, which makes sense, as stock at both Ulta Beauty and the Truly Beauty site has been fluctuating nonstop as the product keeps selling out. Both products are currently available at Ulta for just $28 each.

Painting your own nails has never been easier thanks to TikTok user @yazicole, who features this hack for painting nails on the go — even without a flat surface to place your bottle of polish.

“I can paint my nails on the couch, on my balcony or even in my bed,” she says in the video while painting her nails a shiny gold with ease.

The ring, made by Tweexy, sits on two fingers and holds any standard-size bottle of polish. Sold on Amazon, it comes in a variety of colors, including the silver seen in the video, tie-dye and patriotic stars.

Viewed over 1 million times, this aesthetically pleasing video features another beauty must-have, especially during the dry and cold winter.

Refresh your face and hair on the go with a handheld facial mister from Okachi Gliya. Sold on the brand’s Amazon store, the mister features a mirror on the front, perfect for applying makeup on the go after a quick mist to restore hydration.

The rose-gold device slides open and closed, automatically spraying a cool mist from the nozzle under the mirror panel. It holds up to 9 milliliters of water and can be used for more than 10 minutes before needing a refill.

Curl your hair here, there and everywhere with this portable curler from Conair.

The curler, as seen in the video from user @giannaspovss, can be used anywhere, since it’s cordless. It appears to be about the same diameter as a water bottle, perfect to stash inside purses or cars for on-the-go touch-ups.

“Best investment I’ve ever made. Literally, no cord … Let me show you what this thing can do,” the TikTok user says in the video, before showing pictures of her finished curls. The video has now been watched more than 1.3 million times.

When it comes time to wash your face, kiss your stubborn lipstick goodbye with this cute cloth pout that clears your lips in just one swipe.

As seen in her viral video, TikTok user @mireyarious wipes off her pink lipstick using a fuzzy red makeup removing cloth from Take My Face Off. Shaped like an adorable pair of lips, the cleansing cloth is a great eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads, since it’s machine-washable and can be used with any cleanser.

“No editing, no nothing, here we go: fully removed,” she says in the review after swiping the lip cloth over her pink-lipsticked pout. The product can be found on Amazon in the lip shape, as well as in other shapes and colors, for full-coverage makeup removal.

Don’t just take it from us and TikTok, but from someone who works as a makeup artist: This CC cream is a must-have in your makeup routine.

In a video posted by @mikaylanogueira, the 22-year-old makeup artist tries the IT Cosmetics color-correcting cream with SPF 50 for the first time, despite selling hundreds at the store in which she works.

“This is a very thick product; a little bit goes a long way … I’ve seen this on clients and it always looks fantastic. I knew I was going to love this product … It’s definitely very popular and that’s for a good reason,” she says in her review, which has been viewed by 5.3 million people.

Beauty is only skin deep, so make sure you are taking care of that skin with clean makeup brushes every time you apply.

This makeup-brush sanitizer is not only functional, but beautiful, too, in a lovely gold-and-white combination.

TikTok user @teresalauracaruso thinks so too, showing off her clean bushes in her viral video that’s racked up over 2.5 million views. She demonstrates just how easy it is to use, loading in her washed brushes and closing the top with a press of a button. Five minutes later, the brushes are fully sanitized with a UV light and ready for your next use.

“Clean makeup brushes help keep your skin clear and it’s a great way to keep them germ-free in between washes,” she says in the video.