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13 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Her

last minute gifts for her

Waited to shop? Have no fear, Team SG’s here to help. In this this list of the best last minute gift ideas for her, you’ll find ideas available on Amazon for quick shipping (the wrapping is up to you).

Get ready for cozy loungewear, stylish self-care, and lots of gift ideas that don’t include knowing her dress size. 

Whether you’re an OG part of the SG community, or new around here (welcome!), get ready to knock out your wish list and your shopping list.

Below, 13 last minute gift ideas for her this holiday season:

Amazon women's matching set
Amazon black sunglasses

oversize sunglasses, $16

Sunglasses remains one of the all-time great last minute gift ideas for her.

Why? Because no matter how many she has—around the house, in different purses, lost in a beach bag somewhere—she can always use another pair.

gold earrings
nuface device

NuFace starter kit, $209

Celebs swear by this microcurrent skincare device. If she prides herself on her self-care routine, this could be a fun step to help her add.

amazon fluffy slippers

fuzzy slippers, $14

Yes, these slippers look like a Muppet was skinned to make them.

But they’re different and fun and less than $20!

If you’re looking to add one more gift to the pile, this unexpected around-the-house footwear totally fits the bill.

new york yankees baseball cap

’47 NY Yankees hat, $26

You can’t go wrong giving a woman headwear. You just can’t!

Think about it. How can you dislike a gift that says, “Hey baby, wear this when you haven’t washed your hair in a few days and I’ll find you so sexy.”

This bad boy comes in under $30.

sam edelman loafers

Sam Edelman loafers, $90

So long as you know her shoe size, a trendy loafer in black should be a pretty guess-proof last-minute gift!

amazon sparkly bag

rhinestone bag, $60

Our team loves this fun, sparkly bag!

And when it comes to last minute gift ideas for her, being able to shop without worrying about getting her size right is clutch.

wires sunglasses

Wires sunglasses, $215

When in doubt (and in a time crunch), buy her “nice” sunglasses.

They’re a hit every time.

necessaire body wash

Necessaire the body wash, $33

Luxe up her morning shower with this celeb cult favorite’s body wash.

Fair warning, it smells SO GOOD you will definitely want to use it, too.


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