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25 Top UK retail influencers for 2023

25 Top UK retail influencers for 2023

If you’re looking for industry insights, expert knowledge, relevant studies or retail opinions, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we reveal 25 of the top retail influencers for 2023, making it easy for you to find inspiration or thought leadership content from industry experts.

How Have We Defined Our List Of Retail Influencers?

We have tried to compile a list of retail influencers with significant following in the UK retail industry. While those on the list may vary in the type of content they produce and their approach to sharing information, they have one thing in common; their ability to engage their audience and share relevant retail industry expertise.

Some retail influencers specialise in one specific area, for example, ecommerce or retail technology, while others may comment on a more holistic overview of retail.

Who Can Be Classed As Retail Influencers?

The influencers below come from a wide range of backgrounds, but offer valuable advice and information on a wide range of retail topics.

The influencers we have chosen typically fall into one of the following categories:

  • Industry experts
  • Industry associations
  • Media
  • Analysts
  • Academia

We have chosen to focus on UK-based influencers to keep the list as relevant as possible to UK-based retailers.

If you, or someone you know, would like to be considered for future Modern Retail industry lists, please get in touch by emailing [email protected].

What Makes An Influencer Relevant?

For retailers, the first question to ask yourself is why you are looking for influencers, and what are you looking to find out. Are you looking for industry insight, inspiration, or somebody to collaborate with?

The retail influencer’s personality, content, collaborations and reach are likely to play a key role in how relevant they are and whether they can help you to reach your objectives.

25 Top Retail Influencers For 2023

In this piece, we list 25 of the top retail influencers for 2023. Whether you’re looking for industry insights, expert knowledge, relevant studies or retail opinions, you’ll be able to find a combination of all of these in the following list:

  1. Mary Portas – Chief Creative Officer at Portas

Mary Portas is a well-known brand and retail expert, with a no-nonsense approach to the industry. We would recommend signing up for her weekly newsletter on her website for regular retail insights and creative ideas to implement in your own business.

  1. Ben Sillitoe – Founder of Green Retail World

Ben regularly interviews key players in the retail industry, tackling the topic of making retail more green. Follow Ben’s LinkedIn to keep up to date with new and exclusive insights from industry-leading retailers.

  1. Helen Dickinson – CEO of the British Retail Consortium

Helen is Chief Executive of the British Retail Consortium, aiming to make a positive difference to the industry and the customers it serves. Helen is highly active on LinkedIn, sharing industry information, positive news and plenty of other fantastic content for retailers.

  1. Andrew Busby – Founder and CEO of Retail Reflections

Andrew is the Founder of Retail Reflections. His LinkedIn is packed with topical content that helps retailers to realise their digital transformations and understand their consumers. 

  1. Ian Jindal – Multichannel Retail and Ecommerce Expert

Ian is the Founder of InternetRetailing. His LinkedIn is definitely worth following, as he shares relevant industry news and events, as well as providing inspiration for multichannel and ecommerce retailers.

  1. Catherine Erdly – SME Retail Strategy Expert, Founder of The Resilient Retail Club

Catherine’s website is a fantastic resource for retailers that want to grow their businesses. Sign up to The Resilient Retail Club mailing list for The Weekly Sales Review, jam-packed with useful information, events and expert advice for independent retailers, online sellers and ecommerce brands.

  1. George MacDonald – Executive Editor at Retail Week

George posts retail advice and inspiration on his Twitter account, offering practical insights and news stories, while showcasing innovative industry ideas.

  1. Glynn Davis – Founder of Retailinsider.com

Glynn is the Founder of RetailInsider. He also features regular retail updates on LinkedIn, offering opinions and sharing industry-leading news and trends from various retailers.

  1. Fiona Briggs – Editor at Retail Times

Fiona Briggs shares a wealth of content on the topics of independent retail, ecommerce and retailers’ campaigns on her LinkedIn.

  1. Natalie Berg – Retail Analyst and Founder of NBK Retail

Natalie’s Linkedin is full of retail industry updates, taking an interactive approach to involve her audience. She is also set to launch her own retail podcast in 2023, so keep an eye out! 

  1. Charley Crocker – Founder of The Pop Up Shop Agents

Charley runs a creative retail agency, working in partnership with local authorities and high street regeneration schemes. Take a look at her website to see the latest unique, engaging retail incubator hubs in previously empty spaces.

  1. Chris Field – Managing Editor of Retail Connections

As Managing Editor of Retail Connections, Chris works with retailers and industry bodies, offering fantastic commentary and insights. Chris’ LinkedIn is full of industry updates, covering trends, news and exploring what this means for retail business owners.

  1. Adam Pearce – CEO of Blend Commerce

If you’re looking to boost your ecommerce presence, Adam’s LinkedIn is a fantastic resource to keep up to date with top tips to boost conversion rates and reach your customers online.

  1. Beth Horn – Director, Head of Industry, Retail and Ecommerce at Meta

Beth is highly active on LinkedIn, posting engaging and meaningful content on the topics of retail and ecommerce that will help any retailer stay up to date.

  1. Louis Smith – Ecommerce SEO specialist

Louis is an SEO expert, using his LinkedIn to help retailers understand the best ways to grow their business using search engine optimisation.

  1. Jonathan De Mello – Founder & CEO of JDM Retail

Jonathan posts fantastic insights and overviews for retailers to benefit from, covering a wide range of relevant topics as well as offering his own opinions on LinkedIn.

  1. Graham Soult – Retail Consultant

Graham is a retail consultant that supports shops and high streets around the UK. Head over to his LinkedIn to see a range of valuable content, from topical radio interviews to retail industry updates and stand-out ideas in local communities.

  1. Aaron Toumazou – Retail News Editor at LinkedIn

As the Retail News Editor at LinkedIn, Aaron is always up to date with the latest in the industry, sharing and commenting on news stories that impact retailers, as well as offering topical advice. Keep an eye on his LinkedIn for useful and actionable content.

  1. Kate Hills – Founder & CEO of Make it British

Kate is the Founder of Make it British; a trusted authority on manufacturing in the UK. Follow Kate on LinkedIn to learn more about the best ways to successfully work with UK manufacturers, as she shares everything you need to know in easily digestible formats.

  1. Luke Carthy – Ecommerce Consultant

Luke is an independent consultant that helps a variety of businesses to achieve measurable ecommerce growth. Give Luke’s blog a read to learn more about combining conversion optimisation, SEO and strategy.

  1. Andrew Goodacre – CEO at BIRA

Andrew is CEO of BIRA (British Independent Retailers Association), working to support independent retailers through the challenges that they face. On LinkedIn, Andrew regularly engages with industry experts, sharing the great work that independent retailers are doing throughout the UK.

  1. Nail Amer – Director – Retail100 Consulting

With a background in merchandising, Neil works with retailers, brands and suppliers to grow sales, profit and knowledge. His LinkedIn is a great way to stay up to date with industry-leading ideas that can help retailers to succeed.

  1. Chris Brook-Carter – CEO at retailTRUST

As the Chief Executive Officer at retailTRUST, Chris shares a lot of content on LinkedIn surrounding wellbeing within the UK retail industry. Keep an eye out for plenty of updates surrounding brands and the ways that retailers and teams can work together to succeed in a positive environment.

  1. Theo Paphitis – Chairman – Theo Paphitis Retail Group

Head over to Theo’s LinkedIn to subscribe to his monthly newsletter and read articles that are designed to benefit retailers, as well as words of motivation to get you inspired in 2023!

  1. Mike Watkins – Head of Retailer and Business Insight – NielsenIQ

Mike’s LinkedIn regularly features insights and studies that help businesses to navigate the fast-changing world of global retail.

25 Top UK Retail Influencers for 2023 - List

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Retail Influencers FAQ

Which Types Of Retail Influencers Are In This List?

This list of retail influencers for 2023 features a range of the most influential people in the industry and thought leaders. Content formats include podcasts, inspirational content, interviews, publications, social media content and much more.

How Can Retail Businesses Use These Influencers?

Whether you are an instore, ecommerce, or omnichannel retailer, these 25 best retail influencers for 2023 will fill you with inspiration from their own journeys, showcasing positive stories and countless ideas that you can introduce.