15/07/2024 8:00 AM


Piece of That Fashion

3 modern celebrities that embrace mod fashion

Many subcultures have had their moments in history; however, now, they are just something the majority of people wear to a dress-up party. Some ideas stay with us, but the days of glory for many subcultures have already ended. 

Well, it’s not always the case. One of the subcultures still with us is mod and mod fashion

The word mod is short for modernist, and it was a subculture introduced in the 50s and was popularized in the mid-60s.

What is mod style? 

While many known subculture styles have fallen out, such as punks, teddy boys, or rockers, the core concepts of mod fashion are still with us. The sharp and sleek silhouettes, paisley and jacquard accents, knitted polos – all of them are stylish pieces that remind us of a man today. It was also finally a movement that didn’t want to get away from the idea of tailoring and gentleman. Instead, it tried to embrace it. They took it and made it their own.

Mod fashion not only broke some of the existing rules in the mid-60s but made up new ones too. The mods are and always were influenced by external factors, and their style is constantly evolving. Mod style might be tricky to recognize, but it has some staple pieces. Well-tailored suits, penny loafers for all-night dancing, and knitted polos are the most stylish and the best way to reference a mod-style in 2022. 

Mod fashion now

Is the mod look still as big as it used to be? In the age of minimalism, oversized garments, and even tech giants wearing the same pair of jeans and top, the mod is most definitely alive and well. As long as new generations are into sleek silhouettes and details, the style will stick around. And because it constantly evolves, new adopters of this trend will pick up different aspects of mod style and make it theirs. 

Now in 2022, another generation is exploring mod fashion. If you were to go for a walk on the high street in a British city such as London, you are guaranteed to spot a look influenced by the Mod movement. Additionally, A TV show called “The Queen’s Gambit,” which takes place in the late 50s and mid-60s, might have made younger people explore this trend. 

The look first appeared during the spring-summer of 2021 when celebrities such as Hailey Bieber and Kendal Jenner wore micro miniskirts to an album launch. Queen of pop Rihanna was seen in Santa Monica wearing a miniskirt designed by Rick Owens. 

There are also many men who are carrying the mod movement. Each one of them is using mod fashion with their own spin on it. Actor Martin Freeman, musician Miles Kane, and cyclist Bradley Wiggins – are showing that this trend is still going strong. At 42, 27, and 33, respectively, they prove that mod fashion is alive and well by settling itself into a lifestyle from a temporary movement.