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All About Abrasives | Hardware Retailing

Customers have many options when it comes to choosing abrasives. As a consumable item, merchandising a variety of grits, backings, materials and shapes in addition to having the right knowledge can create loyal customers who consistently visit your business for all of their sanding and abrasive needs. 


Norton’s ProSand 10X A259PS AO Medium Grit Paper Sheet has a waterproof tear-resistant backing and a clog-resistant coating on the paper to keep it from loading up. It works well with hand sanding and is even better for cut-sheet machines.

Make sure to recommend the correct grit for your customers’ needs. Discover a breakdown of sandpaper grits and their uses below.

Coarse- Grit 60-80
This is often used to remove old paint and smooth rough edges. It is best for removing large amounts of wood and rounding off corners and should not be used for fine details or to keep edges sharp.

Medium- Grit 100-150
Best for general purpose sanding, users should change the pressure level applied to achieve different tasks.

Fine- Grit 180-220
This is used to roughen surfaces for painting or as a first pass-through for later sanding with ultra-fine grits. 

Ultra-Fine- Grit 320
Able to achieve the highest level of smoothness, this is often used to smooth painted surfaces between coats.