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Back to School Shopping | Hello Fashion


I seriously can’t believe it is already time to be thinking about back to school for the kids! Where did time go?? I always get so excited for back to school shopping, even as a kid I always looked forward to picking out cute pens, notebooks and markers 🥰  I did one run to Walmart and got a haul of essentials for the kids. They have SO much stuff under a $1. It was such a good deal.

Beckam Shirt / Wes Shirt

My family is so competitive and we love turning everything into a game haha!  So I didn’t tell the kids the prices of the school supplies, and we had them order the under $1 school supplies in order from least to most expensive.  It was so funny to watch…check out my Instagram to see who won! 😉

I’m amazed how cute school supplies are these days. How fun are those little erasers?!  (I got the smaller pack for a $1 in store!) And the shark pencil holder Beckam picked out cracks me up.  I love how each kid can kind of choose their supplies to match their styles and personalities!  Some of my favorite fun speciality items we found were: scented glue sticks, colors of kindness markers, and scented gel pens.

Some of the best Under $1 supplies we found were: scissors, markers, crayons, notebook & glue sticks.

While I was getting their school supplies, I found some cute shorts and tops for the boys. They have both grown so much this summer – I grabbed a couple pairs of athletic shorts. These are like a nylon material so super light weight, some cargo shorts, and then some cotton shorts with zip pockets. My boys love anything with lots of pockets, (I always find lots of random treasures when I’m doing laundry haha)! Every piece was under $15!




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