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Beauty and Fashion Powerhouse Joins Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching to Uplift Women in Beauty Industry

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March 05, 2021 // Franchising.com // TWIN CITIES, Minn. – Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (ILEC) welcomes Donna Tarantino to the experienced team of ILEC coaches. An accomplished visionary executive, Tarantino will provide services to solve leadership problems and build strong cultures in business of all sizes and types, from Fortune 500 companies to small and medium-sized businesses.

Tarantino will assist businesses by serving as the go-to solution for their emerging and existing leaders, such as c-level executives, vice presidents and mid-level managers to step into their greatest leadership potential. She brings a unique perspective gained from years as an executive in the beauty and fashion industries working with well-known organizations like Macy’s, Lord & Taylor, Revlon, ShopHQ, HSN and QVC. Over the course of her career, she impacted countless brands, making them household names by leading them through product development, brand management, merchandising and marketing strategies, positioning them as the front runner in their industries. She has coached, inspired and mentored teams, while also  launching a brand management company, developing two direct to consumer businesses and   guiding companies through acquisition and funding. Tarantino’s experience has allowed her to learn from great leaders, gaining an understanding of the traits and competencies needed for leadership. She sees an enormous opportunity to fill a void in the Twin Cities for leadership development.

“As an innovator and thought leader in the industry, I can help people understand who they are and what they have to offer, not only to a company, but to themselves and the community around them so they can make a greater impact,” said Tarantino. “I am passionate about closing the leadership gap and helping others become the best they can be. There is a massive need for organizations to develop stronger cultures through leadership. I have a responsibility to help do that, one leader, one organization at a time.”

Tarantino’s perspective as a woman who has served in leadership roles will influence all aspects of her work with ILEC. As an accomplished professional in the beauty and fashion industry, she’s experienced the barriers that exist for women trying to elevate their careers and will help break these down paving the way for more diversity in leadership roles.

“I lived it. I started with an entry level job and moved up,” Tarantino said. “It’s important that people are treated equally and fairly in the marketplace.  In the beauty and fashion business, there are definitely more women climbing the ladder, but there is still not enough of them in leadership. I want to see more women in leadership roles and diversity in the workplace. I truly believe the corporate system is broken and executive leadership is one way to fix it.”

Her contributions and service to Cosmetic Executive Women and Fashion Group International are a testament to her commitment to advance women in leadership.

Throughout her tenure, Tarantino has successfully worked with many known celebrities and beauty icons launching and creating powerful brands. She attributes her success to being able to understand her clients’ needs, demands and relevant trends in the marketplace.

Tarantino is on a mission to grow leaders, build cultures and drive results using her experience and the ILEC proven coaching methodology that has produced results for leaders globally – including the late Steve Jobs, top government leaders, emerging leaders and professional athletes to make a real difference in solving the global leadership problem. By developing stronger leaders at all levels, she will be able to make a real difference.

“We are excited that Donna has joined ILEC. She will make an excellent leadership executive coach,” said Sheri Winesett, Strategic Brand Champion at ILEC. “She has an unmatched track record for transforming leadership and cultures in organizations around the globe. Her passion for leadership and experience as a seasoned executive in the fashion and beauty industry makes her an incredible addition to ILEC.”

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