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Check Out These Retail Reads From Our Top Influencers


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Looking for fresh retail perspectives? We curated a list of the best retail reads featuring RETHINK Retail’s Top Retail Influencers. Read countless insights from the best and brightest thought leaders with their fingers on the pulse of the industry.



Andrew Laudato

Andrew Laudato | Fostering Innovation: How to Build an Amazing IT Team


In Fostering Innovation: How to Build an Amazing IT Team, accomplished technology strategist, executive, and leader Andrew Laudato delivers an eye-opening exploration of how to design, build, staff, and run a high-performing IT department.







April Sabral

April Sabral | The Positive Effect


In The Positive Effect, April Sabral brings you a fresh perspective to the power and passion of retail. In it she shares her personal journey, lessons learned, and how to lead with a positive attitude against all the odds.








Ron Thurston

Ron Thurston | Retail Pride: The Guide to Celebrating Your Accidental Career

Ron Thurston wrote Retail Pride as an indispensable guide for every retail employee, manager, and multi-store leader looking to accelerate their potential and grow their career. It’s filled with straightforward, practical tips for developing your talents, connecting with customers, and building your leadership skills.









Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis | Remarkable Retail


In Remarkable Retail, industry thought leader Steve Dennis argues that it’s no longer enough merely to offer convenience, decent prices, or an okay shopping experience. Even very good is no longer good enough. To win and keep customers today, retailers must be nothing short of remarkable.








Doug Stephens

Doug Stephens | Resurrecting Retail: The Future of Business in a Post-Pandemic World


From two-time, international best-selling author and futurist Doug Stephens, Resurrecting Retail is not just a riveting story of the unprecedented crash of an industry during this time of crisis but a roadmap for its rebirth.








Peter Cohan

Peter Cohan | Goliath Strikes Back: How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers from Ecommerce Startups


Goliath Strikes Back: How Traditional Retailers Are Winning Back Customers from Ecommerce Startups expands on this current industry shift in one of the most accessible, intriguing business books in recent times.








Hitha Herzog

Hitha Herzog | Black Market Billions: How Organized Retail Crime Funds Global Terrorists


In this eye-opening piece of investigative journalism, top business reporter Hitha Herzog connects the dots and follows the money deep into the worlds fastest-growing criminal industry.








Andrew Busby

Andrew Busby | Harry Was Right All Along: “A refreshing and thought provoking insight into the rapidly evolving high street by a skilled practitioner”


‘Harry Was Right All Along’ is about the changing of the guard, of new retail replacing old retail and the implications it has for all of us; it’s a tale of hope, passion and ultimately optimism of a brighter future for the High Street.








Gareth Jude and Andrew Smith

Gareth Jude and Andrew Smith | Retail Innovation Reframed: How to Transform Operations and Achieve Purpose-led Growth and Resilience


Featuring case studies including Walmart, Warby Parker, Starbucks and Amazon, Retail Innovation Reframed demonstrates how to weave innovation into the operating fabric your company to remain ahead of the curve.








Ashley Dudarenok and Michael Zakkour

Ashley Dudarenok and Michael Zakkour| New Retail Born in China Going Global: How Chinese Tech Giants are Changing Global Commerce


A behind the scenes look at how, in only a few short years, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma’s vision of “The New Retail”, where 800 million consumers take for granted a world of convenience unimagined anywhere else, has become a reality.







Daniel Burrus

Daniel Burrus | The Anticipatory Organization: Turn Disruption and Change into Opportunity and Advantage


The Anticipatory Organization teaches you how to separate the Hard Trends that will happen, from the Soft Trends that might happen, allowing you to jump ahead with low risk and the confidence certainty can provide.








Erwan Rambourg

Erwan Rambourg | Future Luxe: What’s Ahead for the Business of Luxury


In Future Luxe: What’s Ahead for the Business of Luxury, Erwan Rambourg identifies the major forces and emerging trends that are set to reshape luxury over the next decade.








George Minakakis

George Minakakis | The New Bricks & Mortar: Future Proofing Retail


In the New Bricks & Mortar, author George Minakakis focuses on four critical areas that all businesses that serve the public must embrace to remain competitive.








Ian Shepherd

Ian Shepherd | The Average is Always Wrong: A real-world guide to putting data at the heart of your business


Experienced CEO and CMO Ian Shepherd takes you behind the jargon and puts together a powerful change programme anyone can enact in their business right now, to reap the rewards of simple but sophisticated uses of data.








Jim Roddy

Jim Roddy | Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer: Hiring lessons, interview best practices, and recruiting strategies for managers from a cancer-surviving executive


In Hire Like You Just Beat Cancer, you’ll read short, easy-to-digest chapters filled with detailed examples and time-tested best practices that you can implement immediately at your organization.








Natalie Berg and Miya Knights

Natalie Berg and Miya Knights | Amazon: How the World’s Most Relentless Retailer will Continue to Revolutionize Commerce


Written by industry leading retail analysts who have spent decades providing research-based analysis and opinion, Amazon analyzes the impact these initiatives will have on the wider retail sector and the lessons that can be learned from its unprecedented rise to dominance, as stores of the future become less about transactions and more about experiences.







Richard Hammond

Richard Hammond | Friction/Reward ePub: Be your customer’s first choice


The most powerfully successful modern customer experiences are those where the retailer, business vendor or service provider understands the relationship between friction, reward and competing alternatives. Friction/Reward is your key to unlocking this new and vital approach to winning and retaining customers.








Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken | The Cult of the Customer: Create an Amazing Customer Experience that Turns Satisfied Customers into Customer Evangelists


In The Cult of the Customer, Hyken shows how to design a strategy that leads both customers and employees through five distinct cultural phases – from “uncertainty” to “amazement.”








Sanford Stein

Sandford Stein | Retail Schmetail

No guide is more qualified than Sandy Stein to tell us why we buy what we buy, and how we ll buy–and sell–in the future. Retail Schmetail is the loving biography of America’s favorite obsession, written by a devoted native son.






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