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Christmas commercials, Cyber Monday spending, and Shoppable videos

Christmas commercials, Cyber Monday spending, and Shoppable videos

The battle of Christmas commercials

Asda’s Elf.  This Christmas commercial is witty and funny thanks to Buddy the Elf. You will see how the elf manages to bring a smile to people’s faces during the Christmas season, while also doing some minor inconveniences in an Asda store. Have your ‘elf a Merry Christmas!

Joy is made. In this heartwarming commercial, you see a dad trying to make his daughter happy by recreating her favorite thing: a snow globe. With the help of others and Amazon, the dad manages to turn a shed into a magical giant-sized snow globe. The moral of the story: Joy is made. 

Time for some tech

Gen Z preferences. What do Gen Z shoppers want? The youngest generation that is making purchases online and in-store, is looking for more than simple products or connectivity when it comes to shopping. This is why Claire Spackman, a Gen Zer herself, decided to start Consumerhaus, a fully curated online market looking to become a central grocery shopping hub for Gen Z consumers.

Biodegradable water bottles. Erewhon Market announced the launch of biodegradable water bottles. The retailer has been working with Cove, a startup that stated it has developed the world’s first such containers. Cove also plans to make the plastic-free bottles available online in addition to selling them at locations run by Erewhon.

Expert opinion

Promotional climate. “Do you see the heightened promotional environment being risky for off-pricers and those in the resale market?” This was the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions where retail experts shared their insights. Here’s what Jeff Sward had to say about this: 

Shoppable Videos. In one of RetailWire’s discussions, experts and retail influencers debated the following topic: “Do you see shoppable ads on Shorts making it more likely that users will see YouTube as a place for shopping as well as watching content?” Here’s what Dave Bruno stated: 

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Poor Delivery

Black Friday – Winners and Losers. As retailers were hoping for a normal Black Friday after 2 years of the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems that inflation destroyed their dreams. However, now that Black Friday is over, there are some winners and losers. This year, consumers preferred to use the Buy now pay later option as well as mobile shopping. However, there was less interest in curbside pick-up and old inventory. 

Cyber Monday spending.  According to data from Adobe Analytics. Cyber Monday brought in a record $11.3 billion in total spending, marking 5.8% growth year over year. Toys, computers, and electronics were among the favorite items of shoppers. Also, it’s important to note that for Cyber Monday the mobile shopping trend continued, with over 43% of online orders coming from a smartphone. 

Poor delivery. Poor delivery performance? You risk losing many customers. According to a study published by Voxware, 65% of respondents report that they will abandon shopping with a retailer altogether after two to three late deliveries. Apart from losing customers, your store risks getting a bad reputation as 70% of respondents said that they are likely to share a negative experience online when a purchase is late or incorrect.