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Cute and Unique Halloween Nail Art Designs

Cute and Unique Halloween Nail Art Designs

After the Diwali celebration, it is time for Halloween nail art designs! I hope you enjoyed all the Diwali nail art designs I did this year. Yes and this year we have some cute trends for this theme. I am sharing some of the designs that I did last year as well as the ones I did this year for Halloween. They are not too tricky or need any skill per se. If you know your basic nail art stamping, these are perfect for you. 

Before we begin, recently I noticed that some websites started to copy content from my blog’s feed and post the entire content as theirs. The sad part is, they never give credits and sometimes google prioritizes them over my website. So, if you recognise my nails and content, please let me know. Also, I request you save my content on your Pinterest as well. It will help me establish authenticity.

Also, you can find tutorials for all these on my Youtube channel, Facebook page and Instagram Reels section. I have added all of them there! So, let’s get ready for Halloween!

Stamping plates I used

Pict You – PY J012

Born Pretty – Celebration BPX-L007

Born Pretty – BPL 031

Negative Space wave mani for Halloween

Negative space wave patterns are quite a in trend these days. So I also created one with elements of Halloween. Did an orange base with a spider pattern on it and a white base with a cat and bats on it. You can use any Halloweeny theme for this.

Crime Scene Nail Art For Halloween

Do a crime scene nail art design by putting nail paint on your fingers and using them to stamp finger prints on the nail. Be creative with the pattern. 

Chameleon chrome powder spider web nail art for Halloween

Chrome powders are my favourite for quick nail art, and this one is my new favourite. I got it recently from Born Pretty. It is a beautiful powder and you can use it on white as well as the black base. So, I created the base with chrome powder and applied the spider design using a stamp. 

Make sure to keep the base black for the best colour turnout.

If you want, you can do this nail art on a simple black-and-white base too. Like here I did!

Night sky with Bats Nail art for Halloween

Create an ombre effect on the edges so that you have a circle kinda shape on the white base. Now stamp bats on it and you have your nail art.

Haunted House nail art for Halloween

I had so much fun with this Haunted house Halloween nail art. I did an ombre base using purple and orange polishes. Make sure to start with a white base so that the colours pop in your ombre. you can either create the same pattern on all nails or create a scene with the entire landscape. 

The thumb pattern is my favourite though!

If you want something simple for a beginner, this one can be a nice option. 

And this one I did with a jack-o-lantern on a neon green grimey polish base. 

Treak O Treat Nail Art For Halloween

Draw all your favourite treats on the nails with this cute nail art Idea for trick o treat theme. I used the Born Pretty stamping plate for this on a gold base.

Scary Monster nail art for Halloween

This is the easiest nail art design out of them all. On a simple base of orange, I stamped some monster faces in black. It looks gorgeous. You can create them as accent fingers along with black nails. 

Scary Ghost Nail art For Halloween

Make cute-looking ghost structures either with stamping or go with a freehand tool. Don’t forget to add a Boo! It is easy and looks cute!

Monster Eyes nail art for Halloween

If you have those dotting tools handy, this nail art is best for beginners. On a white base, first, apply a big blue or any eye colour dot, follow it with a black dot and on top of it, a small white dot in any corner. Now fill up the rest of the white space on the base with red vein-like structures. You can do it with neon colours, yellow or even purple for Halloween.

I hope you loved all these designs. If you need tutorials, they are available on my youtube channel, Facebook page and Instagram reels. You can head over there and watch them. Please do share this with your friends!

Lots of love!!!