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Developing your signature Style with Ange Benjamin – a Case Study from the Book

Developing your signature Style with Ange Benjamin – a Case Study from the Book

With Ange Benjamin

Developing your signature style as a maker is a constantly evolving process. And sometimes, you may not even realise that you have a recognizable style until someone else points it out to you! This was the experience of Ange Benjamin, who is the owner of Ange B Designs and a featured case study in Jessica’s book, “Start and Grow a Profitable Jewellery Business.” In this episode, Ange describes her journey of figuring out her style, and she shares tips for rediscovering your inspiration when you feel stuck, making the things you love, and staying true to your brand while still trying new things.

Episode Description:

  • Today we’re talking with Ange Benjamin of Ange B Designs (0:50)

  • How did you become a jeweller? (2:25)

  • How has your style developed since you first started making jewellery? (5:17)

  • Do you design jewellery with your customers in mind, or focus on what you like? (7:44)

  • What do you do when you get stuck? (12:32)

  • Can you tell us about your photography? (15:21)

  • How has your community helped you identify your unique style? (18:44)

  • How do you balance trying new things with staying true to your style? (22:34)

  • Where to connect with Ange (24:45)

  • What advice do you have for jewellers trying to discover their signature style? (25:32)

About Ange:
I’ve only recently started calling myself a ‘jeweller’. Not being formally trained, I’ve had to talk myself out of a lot of imposter syndrome. I signed up to a local jewellery making evening class back in 2008. The first project was making a silver ring, with a lot of piercing and I was hooked after the first term!

My style is very eclectic, sculptural and driven by my love of strong shapes and traditional processes. I love the making process and as a result a lot of my work is influenced by the particular technique I’m using at any one time.

Some examples of Ange’s work: