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Easy Weeknight Greek Chicken Bowls – Jess Keys

Easy Weeknight Greek Chicken Bowls – Jess Keys

Easy Weeknight Greek Chicken Bowls

Happy Friday!

How was your week? Do you also feel like the older you get the faster the weeks go? 🤯 I feel like every blog post I write lately starts with, “how was your week!?”

I’m really excited because we’re headed to a brewery for happy hour tonight with some friends and all of our kids in tow. Life has been crazy and I haven’t seen friends since before Lisbon. (How did that happen? 👀) So I’m looking to some much needed friend time!

I thought this post was perfect for a Friday so you can add it into your rotation for next week’s meals! We’ve been making this easy weeknight dinner a lot lately, and love that it makes enough for leftovers for lunch the next day–and–added bonus–June loves it too! It’s fast, fresh, and healthy, and always especially welcomed on a Monday after a weekend or vacation filled with indulgent food!

The best quick weeknight Greek chicken bowls:

Ingredients for Greek Chicken Bowls:

  • 1 LB boneless skinless chicken thighs (this makes enough for lunch the next day, too!)
  • Greek Cavender seasoning (can find it everywhere in the spice aisle!)
  • Red onion (or any other color onion will do)
  • Quick-cook boxed couscous or farro. (I like the Whole Foods brand!)
  • Store-bought pita or naan bread (I love the kind from Whole Foods in the bread aisle!)
  • Condiments: Store-bought Tzatziki, Hummus, and/or hot sauce
  • Salad accoutrements: Lettuce, tomatoes, more sliced red onion, cucumbers, salad dressing (I love dressing mine with a sprinkle of Cavender seasoning, and a drizzle Brightland Garlic olive oil + Brightland Parasol champagne vin)

Assemble + cook the chicken thighs:

I love to use the air fryer for this recipe, but an oven will totally do as well. I like to thinly slice or dice the chicken thighs (I don’t bother trimming the fat because it will render off while cooking!) and coat with Cavender seasoning, salt and pepper. (You don’t need much more salt because the seasoning is already salty!)

Let’s talk more about the seasoning, because it’s really the star of the show. I grew up with Cavender potatoes (which are delicious red potatoes diced with tons of butter, onions, and lots of Cavender seasoning, cooked at 425 until they’re super soft and creamy. The perfect side for steak, pork chops, whatever. Add that into your rotation, too! ) It’s a Greek seasoning that is also delicious on meat and vegetables. I love using it in this recipe because it packs a lot of flavor!

If you have another complimentary seasoning mix you like, feel free to include that in addition as well–like a Za’atar or Med herb blend! But really–you don’t need anything extra here.

Once you’ve seasoned your chicken, drizzle a good bit of olive oil, make sure it’s well coated, and throw it on a sheet pan and into the air fryer or oven. I like to cook mine at 400 degrees, stirring it every so often, until the chicken is browned and crispy on the outside. I would stir/flip the chicken about every 5 mins until it’s done to your liking. Cook time will vary based on how small your chicken pieces are but should probably be about 12-15 minutes.


You don’t want to over-crowd your pan, otherwise your chicken will steam and not get browned–so you may need to do this in batches if you have a very small air fryer. (My air fryer JUST Fits about 1 LB of sliced chicken thighs!) Also make sure it’s well-coated in olive oil, because the fat is essential for getting that crispy browned finish.

Why do we use chicken thighs? I think chicken thighs are essential here because they never get overdone or dried out, unlike chicken breasts, and they will give you that almost caramelized exterior and soft juicy interior that you come to expect from a shawarma-like dish.

Optional: At the same time the chicken is roasting, I’ll often throw in some sliced and olive oil-coated onions to cook in addition to the chicken. If I’m using my air fryer, I’ll put them in the basket rack above the chicken. If using the oven, just put them on a separate baking sheet. Let them get nice and caramelized and crispy–they’ll pack a ton of flavor into your bowls!

Make-ahead tip: You can easily do this entire step ahead of time and then pop it back into the air fryer or oven to warm right before you serve and it will be just as tasty!

For your sides:

I like to buy quick-cook couscous or farro in the box. It makes for such an easy and delicious side, base for a bowl, or add-in for a salad! Feel free to cook this while the chicken is in the oven and set aside when done.

While your couscous is cooking, assemble your salad. I like to slice cucumbers, tomatoes, and onion, and throw them into the bowl with more Cavender seasoning, Brightland’s Garlic olive oil and champagne vinegar. (They are SO GOOD. Worthy the hype, I promise. Would also make an amazing gift!) If you don’t have that, regular olive oil and any vinegar you have is totally fine, too! I like to let this sit and marinate for awhile (if I have time, if not, no need!) If you have any fresh dill–throw that in too! Then when I’m ready to serve, I’ll pour the mixture over my lettuce and toss–add crumbled Feta if you wish, but that’s also not necessary!

Assemble your bowls, add your favorite sauces–like store-bought Tzatziki (I like Cedars brand) or favorite hummus, and hot sauce. TJ’s Zhoug sauce is also really delicious with this, too!

And you’re done! A healthy, easy and DELICIOUS weeknight meal that tastes better than takeout! Hope you enjoy! If you make this, make sure to share on stories and tag me @jesskeys_ so I can see! ♥️