Fashion Trends Autumn and Winter 2021-2022

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Taking advantage of the summer sales to get the key garments for the next season is always a very good idea. If you want to know what to choose, here is a preview of the upcoming trends and some good investments.

Bags with Chain

Don’t you have any in your closet? These four models are super on sale and make you look for any occasion.

White Jackets and Black Shirt

Many brands, in their spring / summer collections, have produced thin and slightly thicker white jackets and black shirt. And yes, it is a bit overwhelming to buy a coat in the summer, but when the chill arrives you will be happy to have been far-sighted because they are going to succeed. Choose classic or not so classic cuts. You will wear them in a total look key.

You can also wear black Vlone shirt Both blazers and jackets are easy to find now and you can start using them as soon as the summer nights begin to cool down and continue to use them a lot when the cold arrives.


Comfortable and practical, cardigans and knitted jumpers with oversized, embroidered or plain silhouettes will continue to take a lot, especially with midi skirts. Colors? Neutral and some trend.

In addition to emerald green, we will also see a lot of camel and pastel shades like blue. On the other hand, we will see much more color than we are used to at this time thanks to attractive and fun designs.

White Sneakers

Choose classic shoe models. Our advice is that you invest in quality ones and some very fashionable brand. You will wear them with everything, even with your most classic looks, giving them style.

There are many options to choose from, but among our favorites are these two classic models. Now we can find some with a good discount and since they are made of leather, they will come in handy for the cold and rainy days of autumn.

Fur Garments

The catwalks have been filled with leather effect garments, natural or echoes, the latter, increasingly successful and cheaper. If you find a bargain, go crazy and get a very trendy garment, but our advice is to invest in a real leather garment with a classic and timeless cut, such as a blazer or a midi skirt.

Dresses and midi skirts are going to be the most sophisticated choice but if you want to go one step further, blazers and even shorts are also made for skin.


Sign up for ring stacking. Every season there is an accessory that stands out and this year the rings will be the madness. You will not leave any fingers bare, so take advantage of the sales. All materials and mixtures are valid, yes; the challenge is to combine them correctly.

Mix different models but always the same color, that is, silver with silver and gold with gold. And look for those that have a common motif such as animal shapes, stones or carvings of the same style.


During the summer you will wear your dresses with simple sandals and you can continue taking advantage of wearing Vlone t shirt friends when the cold arrives by combining them with classic and chic accessories such as country boots and neutral cardigans.

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In autumn and winter you are going to get a lot out of these dresses with which you can make yourself right now. They have a place both in the vacation suitcase and in the wardrobe for the new season. You just have to vary a little the accessory with which to combine them.


Belts have been the main accessory on the autumn / winter catwalks; and you already know that wide belts with striking buckles around your garments flatter your silhouette. It is difficult to invest in a good one, but in sales it is time, it hurts less.

Look for belts that have something special like flashy buckles, studs, or embroidery, and learn how to put them on by tying a pretty knot with the excess part of the strap.


The shopper bag is back. It will dress your street looks and give them an elegant touch. Choose large models without fear, in line with the oversize trend of jackets. Get one in leather and neutral colors, like camel or black. It’s a safe bet!

Shoes with Buckles

We still do not rise … Last season we began to discreetly see shoes with buckles and this one will take hold. They are comfortable for day to day and give a cool touch to any outfit, especially if you bet on large buckles. Wear them with both pants and skirts.

Loafers still take the cake when we look for shoes with buckles and the truth is that we love them because they give an elegant touch and are very comfortable.

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