14/07/2024 2:02 PM


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GapMaps now offering vehicle traffic data

GapMaps now offering vehicle traffic data

GapMaps has partnered with Veitch Lister Consulting (VLC) to launch Zenith Traffic Estimates on GapMaps Live.

With Zenith Traffic data now accessible on GapMaps Live, the company says brands can access the most comprehensive set of traffic flow estimates on all major Australian metropolitan roads to make more informed location decisions using a single login.

“Zenith is a strong credible brand with more than two decades’ experience estimating traffic and public transport passenger flows,” says GapMaps CEO Toni Newell.

“With customers in QSR, supermarkets, convenience, and petrol stations, which are significant industry sectors for GapMaps, this strategic partnership is great for both businesses.

“Unlike publicly available traffic counts, Zenith Traffic Estimates is dynamic and regularly updated by Veitch Lister Consulting, Australia’s leading travel modelling company, to ensure brands have the best traffic data Australia can provide.

“A key point of difference for GapMaps is in the calibre of partners we collaborate with to help our customers make better and faster location decisions. As such, we’re delighted that VLC’s Zenith Traffic data is now accessible in GapMaps Live.”

Depending on their specific needs, GapMaps Live customers have a choice of two Zenith Traffic data modules:

  • Indexed Traffic module: this module is said to be useful for any business which relies on basic traffic data as a key input into their location decisions, such as the estimated average number of vehicles per day in a selected location based on specific volume ranges.
  • Premium Traffic module: the Zenith Premium Traffic module is said to provide detailed traffic insights for businesses that need to understand turn in ratios and differentiated traffic counts for commercial and passenger vehicles to inform business performance and site selection decisions.

“We have more than 500 brands already using GapMaps Live across a range of industry sectors where a physical location is required,” says Ms Newell.

“With Zenith Traffic data now available in GapMaps Live, we are confident of further customer acquisition across a range of industry sectors, which includes healthcare and medical, fitness and wellbeing, childcare, allied healthcare, and service stations, amongst others.”