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Golden Goose Lookalike Sneakers

Golden Goose Lookalike Sneakers

Do you love the trendy Golden Goose sneakers, but hate the price tag? Here’s 20 affordable Golden Goose lookalike sneakers for you to shop a very similar look for less!

Golden Goose Lookalike

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20 Best Golden Goose Lookalike Shoes in 2022

New to the Golden Goose sneaker? They are cute star style sneakers that are super popular with celebrities and fashion bloggers around the world. The GG side star with a worn in “dirty” look is VERY trendy right now! If you like the look, you could consider these a closet staple because they are very versatile. I have seen the Golden Goose sneakers dressed down with a casual jeans and tee AND with dresses or skirts.

One other thing, Golden Goose sneakers are VERY pricey (around $500+) and considering the “dirty” look, you may not want to splurge on them. That is why I am here today, rounding up 20 different GG lookalikes of all various styles and color options.




What is the best Golden Goose alternative?

At under $100 for most styles, Steve Madden is my top pick for Golden Goose look alikes and star sneaker alternatives. Why? Well, they have a wide variety of options to shop from that look like the real deal. Also, this is a designer brand with a high-quality reputation, so you know you are getting excellent quality. The often have new styles, colors, and sizes restocked which makes it a reliable resource for GG lookalikes!

Steve Madden Golden Goose Inspired Sneakers

1.Steve Madden Rezza White Sneaker

2. Steve Madden Rezume Gold Star Sneaker

3. Steve Madden Black/White Leopard Starling Sneaker

4. Steve Madden Rubie Silver Glitter Sneaker

Golden Goose Lookalike

5. Steve Madden JREZUME White Multi


Vintage Havana Golden Goose Lookalike Sneakers

Vintage Havana is another great brand for sneakers that fit the same style characteristics as Golden Goose. DSW, Nordstrom Rack, and Shoebacca often have a few styles in stock! They carry a slightly higher price tag than Steve Madden GG lookalikes, however the quality is very good! In my opinion these shoes are a great way to save a bunch of money over the cost of the real GG sneaker! These definitely give the same vibe Golden Goose sneakers.

6. Vintage Havana Alexander – White Silver

7. Vintage Havana Ezra – White Rose Gold

8. Vintage Havana Gemma – Glitter Star 

9. Vintage Havana Devon – Star Panel 

Golden Goose Lookalike

10. Vintage Havana Flair Sneaker

11. Vintage Havanna Gadol Sneaker

Golden Goose Lookalike

12. Vintage Havanna Gadol Black & White

Golden Goose Lookalike

13. Hearty Camouflage Mule Sneaker

Golden Goose Sneaker Alternatives




Amazon Sellers Golden Goose Inspired Sneakers

It is no secret that you can find almost anything on Amazon, including some very believable Golden Goose inspired sneakers. Grab some black shoe polish for DIY distressing and you might even mistake them for the real deal! I’ve linked three styles below. Be sure to click one of the links below to see even more options!

14. PARTY Leopard SneakerGolden Goose Lookalike

15. PARTY White Crock

16. RF Room of Fashion Silver Metallic


Walmart Golden Goose Look-a-Likes

A highly rated Golden Goose lookalike, these Walmart sneakers have the star detail, trendy prints, and contrasting trim. Unlike the “dirty” look that comes with most GG sneakers, these are clean. If you want the dirty look, you can find tutorials all over Pinterest on how to get the distressed look with black shoe polish. They come in a few colors including the two below.

17. No Boundaries Camo

18. No Boundaries Leopard

Golden Goose Lookalike

Good Night Macaroon GG Inspired Shoes

Good Night Macaroon is a great resource for finding designer inspired looks for less! Golden Goos sneakers are no exception. The ones below are super comparable to the real deal, especially with the distressed look!

19. Distressed Grey & Black Sneakers

Dingo GG Alternatives

20. Playdate Metallic Sneaker



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