15/07/2024 7:56 AM


Piece of That Fashion

Grandma Pat and Trixie – Advanced Style

Grandma Pat and Trixie – Advanced Style

Here is my latest shoot for Advanced Pets featuring the always gorgeous Grandma Pat and Trixie. By the way I just started selling prints and totes on Society 6. Check out my shop if you are looking for a great holiday gift HERE.

“I adopted Trixie two years ago from A Purposeful Rescue in Los Angeles. Trixie loves the smell of chocolate and I love the taste of chocolate, but chocolate is not good for dogs, so I have to be very careful with her. She is a very good guard dog because she checks out everyone who  comes into my home. After she approves, she goes back into her room and heads to bed. She’s just the sweetest little thing and I just can’t imagine life without her in it! I truly believe my late husband Al sent her to me.”


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