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Hello Fresh Promo Code: $2.85 Per Serving!

Hello Fresh Promo Code: .85 Per Serving!

Wow! If you’ve been wanting to try a meal delivery service, don’t miss this HOT Hello Fresh Deal to get 21 FREE meals with free shipping!

Hello Fresh Box with ingredients

This HOT deal is back, but even better than Black Friday!!!

Hello Fresh Deal: 21 FREE Meals!

Hello Fresh is offering an AMAZING deal right now on their meal delivery service! When you sign up as a new customer, you’ll get 21 FREE meals over the course of your first 8 deliveries.

This includes FREE shipping on your first delivery, plus three FREE surprises! This is a HUGE discount and even beats Black Friday pricing, and I’m pretty sure this is the BEST deal we’ve ever seen on Hello Fresh at a savings of over $175!

If you’ve been wanting to try out Hello Fresh, now is definitely the time to do so! Here’s how the discounts will be divided among your first 8 deliveries:

*Note: This savings is for a two-person plan for 4 meals per week. Savings will differ slightly depending on the plan and weekly frequency you choose.

  • 1st Delivery: $50.99 Off (Includes Free Shipping)
  • 2nd Delivery: $20.12 Off
  • 3rd Delivery: $20.12 Off
  • 4th Delivery: $20.12 Off
  • 5th Delivery: $20.12 Off
  • 6th Delivery: $21.26 Off
  • 7th Delivery: $21.26 Off
  • 8th Delivery: $24.29 Off

They regularly offer deals on your first delivery, but this is a really rare deal to get savings on your first 8 deliveries!

And you can cancel at any time! So take advantage of the first box or all 8 boxes, depending on how much you like it.

Hello Fresh Deal on Dinners

I love this meal delivery service!

Meg here! I’ve tried just about every meal delivery service out there, and Hello Fresh is definitely one of my top faves. I’ve used Hello Fresh off and on for years and absolutely love it. I’m a vegetarian and love that they have really delicious vegetarian options!

In fact, I still have many of the recipes tucked away in my recipe book that I cook over and over again and are in my regular rotation of dinners!

I’m not sure how long this deal lasts, so definitely jump on it while you can! It’s also perfect as we move into the school year, because it makes it so easy to eat at home more!

It’s also super easy to pause, skip, or cancel deliveries at any time. You’re never locked in to any kind of contract or long-term commitment, which I love!

Go here to take advantage of this amazing deal!