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How To Get Beachy Wave Curls Using A Curling Iron


How To Get Beachy Wave Curls Using A Curling Iron, Barbies Beauty Bits

Tips For Getting The Perfect Beach Wave Curls Using A Curling Iron Brought To You By Barbie’s Beauty Bits. Beachy wave curls are a go-to celebrity hairstyle and have been for a while, as they look great on virtually everyone of all hair lengths, hair types, all occasions, and ages.

However, mastering those perfectly loose curls can be a daunting task. But not any longer with my top tips to Achieve Beachy Waves Curls using a Chi Haircare Lava Curl Shot! Allowing you to curl with heat and set with cool air for the perfect looking beachy wavy hair.

So if you want to find out How To Get Beach Wave Curls Using A Curling Iron, continue reading.

Mastering The Beach Wave Curl So It Is Not Prom Curls
Many of you have probably experienced creating these curls is not a walk in the park. Overdo it; you’ll have big prom hair. Not the do you’re going for, right?

Well, there is most certainly a science to it. But luckily, with the right hair products, curling device, technique, and good ole practice, you too will be able to master the beach waves at home.

The Best Curling Wand For Creating Beach Wave Curls
While there are a few curling iron options on the market work for this, today, I will be talking about the Curl Shot from Chi. But the key in whichever device you use is to understand the curling iron’s barrel size, which can affect the curl. See below

  • For tight beach wave curls try a 3/4 inch barrel
  • 1 inch for a classic beach wave curl
  • 1 1/4 inches for loose wave curls

While I said some barrel sizes would offer tighter or looser curls, another thing to keep in mind is the longevity of the curl. I want the curls in my hair to last for at least three days; hence, I start with a tighter curl as it will loosen over time.

The Curl Shot from Chi is different from a traditional curling wand or curling iron, as it uses the approach of curl with heat and setting with cool. I’ve done this for years, using a hairdryer on the cool setting to set the curl. But it is challenging to get perfected, but not any longer with this curling device that does it for you. 

13 Tips To The Perfect Beach Wave Curl, Barbies Beauty Bits

13 Tips To The Perfect Beach Wave Curl

  1. Prep the hair with humidity control, volumizing product, or beach spray to add grit and texture
  2. Section off hair into the top and bottom
  3. Separate strands into the left and right side
  4. Hold the curling wand upright, place a one to two-inch section of hair around the barrel
  5. For perfect beachy waves, avoid starting at the scalp. Instead, start curling the hair a few inches down the hair shaft
  6. Never curl the ends. They need to be left straight since beach waves should have a slightly undone, effortless look! SO…leave 1-2 inches of the ends of hair out of the curling device
  7. Curl AWAY from your face
  8. Hold for three to four seconds
  9. Press the cool shot button to release cool air and allow the curl to fall down the barrel of the curling iron
  10. Break up the waves with your fingers…Once the hair is completely curled and has cooled, you want to spray the texture spray on your fingers and run your finger through the waves to loosen
  11. Finish off with a humidity fighting texture spray like Redken Control Addict 28 Extra High Hold Hairspray
  12. For longevity and to prevent from you hair getting dirty quickly sleep with your hair up on your head at night.
  13. Use a dry shampoo a day after shampooing. The key is to use the dry shampoo before your hair gets dirty.
product needed for the perfect beach wave curls, barbies beauty bits

Product Needed For The Perfect Beach Wave Curl
I include this as I’ve tried so many products, and they never seemed to work, which is why I usually
always resorted to making my own clip in hair extensions with the beachy wave. And now that I have the products that actually work when trying to create the perfect beachy wave curl, I’m gonna share!

I learned something the other day from a new stylist. She explained that while many of us may want to spray a hair spray to hold the hair in place and then later brush out, if using a spray that leaves the hair hard, when you go to brush it out or even run your fingers through it, you can pull out the curl. With that, below are some products I suggest to get the beach waves hairstyle.

Beach Wave Curling Iron/Curling Wand

CHI’s cool shot curling iron instantly sets the curls and makes the style last longer. The ergonomic design allows you to style your hair with less tension and twists easily. The barrel also makes this curling device unique as it is sourced from some of the most effective heat-conducting materials; volcanic lava. Combined with the power of CHI ceramic allows for voluminous, shiny, long-lasting curls without the damaging effects of some other high-heat styling tools on the market.

Best Texture Spray For A Beach Wave Curl

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray found on Amazon

Best Surf Spray For A Beach Wave Look

In addition to the texture spray to help to get beach waves hair, I also like a good Surf Spray from Bumble and Bumble (which is just sea salt spray, really). You do not need both. CLICK HERE TO GET $10 OFF

Hair Clip

To hold your hair up, duh.

Humidity Resistant Hairspray

Redken Control Addict 28 Extra High Hold Hairspray

Dry Shampoo

Many do not know this but the tip to using dry shampoo it to use it the day after you wash it. Do not wait until it is dirty. My favorite Dry Shampoo is Klorane

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