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How to Remove/Delete ALL Followers on Instagram in Bulk

How to Remove/Delete ALL Followers on Instagram in Bulk

Are you looking for a guide on how to remove all your followers on Instagram? You have come to the right place!

We get it – negotiating who sees your social media posts can be an exhausting experience. Not to mention, after hanging around Instagram for a while, you have probably acquired tons of followers. Many of whom are unknown to you or spam. Sometimes the overwhelm of spammers and bots can lead us to tough decisions, like removing followers. If you have received spam comments on Instagram and tried dealing with it, but the overwhelm of fake accounts keeps bugging you, sometimes starting over is just the best bet.

Even though Instagram offers the Private Account option, sometimes it doesn’t work for everyone. Many Instagram users make a living out of Instagram, and closing their accounts to the public just isn’t a viable option. But can you mass delete followers on Insta? The answer is yes, and we’ll show you how to do it in a few easy steps.

But before we talk about how to delete all followers on Instagram, you’re probably wondering: “Why would anyone want to delete followers?” and “What happens when you remove followers?” Don’t worry. We’ll answer all your questions below.

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Why Delete All Followers on Instagram?

Instagram’s main point is acquiring a large audience and keeping it engaged. So why would anyone want to delete followers, let alone ALL their followers?

The answer is, sometimes the overwhelming amount of bots, inactive followers, ghost accounts, and fake accounts is too much. None of them contribute to your organic audience engagement. In some cases, it’s easier to start over. You can always inform your authentic audience of this change and ask them to follow you back, but you can never ask inactive accounts to unfollow you. Removing Instagram followers and starting over will give you a realistic follower count as well.

If you have already tried dealing with spam comments or pictures on Instagram and are still being targeted by fake accounts, starting over can help. You’ll also be better prepared to deal with them.

Not many people have the time to go through their followers’ lists and delete the inactive accounts individually. It’s time-consuming, and there’s a more convenient option. Of course, we will explain how to manually delete followers for those of you looking to do things the hard way, but we have a more efficient method to offer you. By now, I guess you’re wondering what happens when you remove a follower, so let’s talk a bit about that.

What Happens When You Remove a Follower On Instagram?

You might be worried about the amount of backlash you could face for mass deleting your followers. Do they get notified? What if people notice and think it’s personal? Can they even follow your account back?

Relax. Removing followers is an easy, drama-free experience. Your ex-followers will have no idea they have been banished from your account and won’t get notified of it. This is excellent news for those of you that want to say goodbye to spambots and ghost followers (and curious parents). You can always inform your real followers of this upcoming change and invite them back to your account once your Instagram cleanse is over! You can even make a fun game out of it!

The only way for anyone to notice they have forcefully unfollowed you is to go back and check on your account. They’ll be able to notice the active Follow button. I seriously doubt any bots will put energy into tracking you down specifically, and if they do, you can instantly block their accounts. So yes, people can follow you back once you have removed them from your followers’ list. Don’t worry. There are many ways to keep the fakes at bay, and you can learn more about that in our Instagram spam block article. And now, let’s talk about how to remove followers on Instagram all at once.

How to Remove All Followers on Instagram?

As of 2018, Instagram finally included the “Remove follower” function. This is different from the existing “Block follower” function. It’s a bit more subtle and less aggressive than blocking. If you’re looking to remove your followers one by one manually, I’d make a pot of tea, turn on some lo-fi music, and dedicate the day to it.

Method 1 – Manually Removing Followers

Step 1: Head over to your Profile. by pressing your profile icon.

Step 2: Press on Followers to view your followers’ list located on your profile.

Step 3: Scroll through the list of followers or use the search bar to find specific profiles.

instagram screenshot showcasing how to remove followers

Step 4: To remove people, press the three dots on the side of their username.

Step 5: You’ll be prompted by a pop-up saying: “Remove follower? Instagram won’t tell [insert follower username] they were removed from your followers.”

Step 6: Press Remove to confirm.

Step 7: Repeat these steps for the rest of your Instagram followers.

Method 2 – Use Third-Party Apps

Okаy I’ll tell you a secret that I have been shamefully keeping from you up until now. Instagram doesn’t actually have a mass delete feature. It’s crazy, I know! I suppose they weren’t expecting anyone would ever get to a point when they need it. So what happens when you want to delete ALL followers and keep your public account active? You use a third-party application. There are many applications out there to help, but one we vouch for is Spam Guard.

Spam Guard is an online service that will help clean your account from bot activity. Spam Guard is your two-in-one app, taking care of housekeeping while ensuring your account is protected. It’s a highly effective app cleaner, working twice as fast compared to other apps. It will take care of spam accounts, unmutual follows, and unwanted comments. You can block followers and remove Instagram profiles from your audience. One of its best functions is the “White List,” which allows you to select followers you don’t want to remove and get rid of the rest. You can mass delete followers with a single click – isn’t that great!

To use Spam Guard, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to Spam Guard.

Step 2: Type in your Instagram username.

spam guard plans and reports

Step 3: Choose between Scan and Cleaning, Real-Time Protection, or Protection Report.

Step 4: Add your email to join Spam Guard’s services.

Step 5: In Protection Report, Spam Guard will remove all unwanted followers on Instagram.

spam guard interface

Method 3 – Switch To Private For A Spell

Finally, if you’re looking for another method to help remove followers without using a third-party app, you can switch to a private account. To do that, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” on your profile.

Step 2: Select: “Privacy”.

instagram screenshot showcasing private account setting

Step 3: Find “Private Account” in the list.

Step 4: Press on the switch and confirm your choice!

Step 5: Go back to your list of followers and delete people you no longer wish to follow you.

Before You Go

Congratulations! You have completed our Mass Delete Instruction Guide and are officially ready to get back on the Instagram platform free from annoying followers. How does it feel to have a sparkly clean account? Let us know in the comment section below! I wish you happy scrolling, and I’ll catch you again soon!