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Improve your amazon product discoverability

How to Increase Product Visibility and Sales on Amazon | Feedvisor

Ensuring your product shows up in your customer’s search is the first essential component of selling success.

While keywords are a crucial part of getting your products discovered, there are more ways than Amazon decides where your products will rank in the SERPs.

Here’s an official statement from Amazon about how their algorithm works:

the work starts long before a customer types a query. We’ve been analyzing data, observing past traffic patterns, and indexing the text describing every product in our catalog before the customer has even decided to search.

Amazon is seller agnostic, focusing SERPs on products rather than the sellers of those products.

The difference between Google and Amazon is that the former ranks pages based on which ones are most likely to answer the searcher’s query. By comparison, Amazon displays results based on which products the searcher is most likely to buy.

If you remember one thing about how the online giant ranks products, remember this:

In short, if Amazon doesn’t think your product will result in maximum sales, it won’t rank well.

So, we’ve compiled the main changes you can make to your listings today to make sure your products have a greater chance of discovery by Amazon’s spend-happy shoppers.

Make sure Amazon knows your product is relevant

When a customer searches for your product, Amazon decides if your product page is relevant to that search. There are a couple of ways they determine this: using your page content such as titles, bullet points, and descriptions, or by using the aforementioned hidden-search terms that you entered in your product flat file.

Show Amazon that your product will convert

Tracking the sales velocity and history of a product is one of the main ways that Amazon decides where your product will rank. Why? Because this data tells Amazon whether or not your product is resulting in sales and, thus, revenue for them.

While you can’t change the sales history of your products in a short space of time, you can change the velocity, which is the number of sales your product gets within a certain period.

Surges in sales velocity will signal to Amazon that your product is becoming more popular and they will start moving your listing up the ranks which will ultimately drive greater traffic to them.

Three great ways to spike your sales velocity

  1. Increase your budget on Sponsored Ads bids, especially for your most lucrative keywords.
  2. Lower your prices for a quick boost in sales, then increase them to your normal prices.
  3. Use repricing software to maximize Buy Box ownership.
  4. Prove to Amazon your item can be shipped on time Amazon puts an enormous emphasis on fast, hassle-free shipping.


Because Amazon knows that’s what customers want. This is why they encourage so many sellers to ship products through the Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA) program and why FBA shipped products will instantly rank higher in SERPs.

Not an FBA seller? Don’t worry: there are still ways you can show Amazon that your fulfillment process is in top shape.

Gear up your logistics to handle a faster order processing speed and make sure to avoid order delays.

Offer free shipping on your best sellers (you could increase the price slightly to make room for this).

If you do use FBA or planning to start, You can learn how to publish books on amazon kindle here.