Influencer Danae Mercer praised for viral video about body trends

Isaura M. League

Danae Mercer created a viral video examining changing beauty trends. (Image via Getty Images)

Danae Mercer created a viral video examining changing beauty trends. (Image via Getty Images)

Influencer Danae Mercer is sharing an important message with her followers about “body trends” and how they are constantly changing.

In a recent post to Instagram, the self-love advocate shared a video that compared beauty ideals in the ’90s to body and fitness trends in 2022. Mercer used filters to alter her appearance, elongating her body to have the “waifish” look that was popular in ’90s media. She also used another filter to turn her body into a curvy body with a “big bum” and “tiny waist,” to show what today’s standards reflect.

“In the 1990s, women were encouraged to be as thin as possible. Waifish. Willowy Now it’s all about curves. Butts. Waists,” she captioned the video. “You can buy freckle pens now. It’s a trend. A thing. But for years women were told to conceal them.”

“I could keep going. I could list a thousand things that turn the female body into a fashion trend. And I get it. I get the desire to change or enhance or shift or show,” she continued.

Mercer said that although women can participate in trends and alter their appearance with makeup and clothing to feel more confident, it’s important that women not tie their value to their ability to embody what’s popular. She assured her followers that her post wasn’t meant to shame anyone, but was created “to stress that there’s so much telling us all the time how we’re wrong. Imperfect. Broken.”

“Be careful with your head. Careful with your heart. Careful. Because body trends will come and go,” she told followers. “But self-love doesn’t have to. And you, darling, you deserve the love that stays for way longer than just one season.”

Mercer’s powerful message was quickly met with countless supportive comments, thanking the influencer for speaking out about the “pressures” women feel to meet beauty standards.

“Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s such an important conversation that isn’t being had enough,”one Instagram user commented. “So many women are so accepting of the expectations of us and the pressures we face. But are still never truly happy with themselves. You can keep up with beauty trends all you want, but until you feel beautiful and know your worth, you’ll never be truly happy.”

“I love how are you illustrated this,” wrote another. “Once I realized it was societal expectations and ideals and not my own body that was the problem, it was much easier for me to find body acceptance.”

“You’re right,” someone echoed. “Why is the body a trend? Why can’t people just be people and we be happy and accept them as they are!”

“I absolutely love this! We need to offer ourselves unconditional self-love rather than trying to fit in with what we feel the external world wants,”added a follower. “I know it can be hard, but you’ve got this. It’s for your overall well-being. Trends will always come and go.”

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