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Inside Rihanna and A$AP Rocky’s Relationship as New Parents to Baby Boy


Rihanna and A$AP Rocky became parents on May 13—and now that the news is out that their baby boy is here, sources gave Entertainment Tonight and People intel on how the couple is adjusting to life as a family of three.

A source close to the couple told People that Rocky and Rihanna are at home in Los Angeles with their son. “Rihanna is doing well. They are very excited to be parents. Rihanna is already a wonderful mom,” the source said.

Entertainment Tonight‘s source gave more detail on how this experience has changed Rihanna and Rocky’s relationship. “[They’re] down to Earth… have similar styles and couldn’t be more in love and happy about this next chapter,” the source said.

The source expanded on how Rocky feels having his first child with Rihanna. “Before Rihanna gave birth, A$AP was super involved and was asking his friends for parenting advice,” the source said. “He wants to be the best dad possible and continue to take care of Rihanna. He’s really looking forward to raising their baby boy together.”

The couple has been inseparable since their baby was born, a source told Entertainment Tonight. “They have not left each other’s side,” the source said. “They are over the moon. She’s been looking forward to motherhood for a long time. This little boy is going to have the best baby fashion.”

The source added that while Rihanna and Rocky are in Los Angeles, they will be flying to New York soon so Rocky’s family, who are based there, can meet the newest addition, and Rihanna’s family, based in Barbados, can fly over and be introduced to the little one, too.

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