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Inspiration For A Serene Bedroom Colour Palette. | Barely There Beauty

Inspiration For A Serene Bedroom Colour Palette. | Barely There Beauty


The walls are up, the carpets are in, the bed is on the way and the enjoyable part of ‘home furnishing’ can begin.

But before that, let me first give you some details.


toying with countless tester pots in search for the perfect light
putty-cum-grey of my mind’s eye, I plumped for an off-white wall –
Farrow & Ball’s Wimborne White. Nice and simple. I wanted this room
to lean neutral to slightly cool for a serene feel and Wimborne White in
this North-East facing room hits the mark perfectly. For my tastes, I
don’t feel as though one can go wrong with Farrow & Ball’s colour
palette, with it’s plethora of tonal neutrals. Feel free to get them
colour matched by another brand to save some pennies, although I can’t
speak of the paint quality and finish. Fired Earth and Behr (Wheat Bread
for instance) also do some lovely tones worthy of mention.

deep-brown, wood was my first choice for flooring but the logistics
lost out to the easy fix of a carpet in this instance. We plumped for a
100% wool carpet from Westex, a quality purchase that’s soft underfoot. 


far as building a colour palette for your own project, I would
personally start by seeking inspiration. Either in objects or fabrics
you enjoy, interiors books (I’ll perhaps do a separate post/reel on this
as it’s a little passion) or by scouring Pinterest – I’ve recently
reorganised my interior boards if you’ve similar tastes as myself.

if you’d like your scheme to be monochromatic (same varying hue), tonal
(colours within the same family), contrasting (different colours) or
complementary (opposing colours). Pick your main colour for large areas
like the walls and flooring, and accent colours for smaller items.

me personally, I know the palette I’m naturally drawn to – one only has
to look within my closet for example.. A mixture of pale neutrals, with
some blues and honeyed tones.

So with palette in hand, onto the fun part.

If you missed my ‘first pass’ of interior inspiration regarding this renovation have a peek. Here is part two of lovely finds.