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ITG’s Favorite Beauty Products, Fall 2022

ITG’s Favorite Beauty Products, Fall 2022

So, what did we miss in beautyland? Apparently a hell of a lot. Pat McGrath got into nail care, Revlon may soon be no more, and 20,000 celebrities launched a beauty brand. And through it all, a steady stream of new holy grails and duds kept coming. So let’s open this up. What new products have you loved lately? What have you hated? We’ll go first, starting with…

Nothing’s more boring than a healthy habit—you’ve got to adulterate it from time to time to keep it up. How else can you explain gummy vitamins, flavored water, and a meditation lead by Idris Elba? Another thing to add to this list: whipped sunscreen. Vacation’s (not edible!) water resistant mousse with SPF 30 is the Reddi Whip of sun protection. Light-as-air on skin, fragrant like an old-school sunscreen, and housed in a bottle that is as classic as it is kitsch. Perfect for those in the market for conversation piece beauty and a shield from the sun.

We’re one step closer to a full-on Banana Brightverse. The original undereye brightener has already made the leap over to face serum, and now it’s dialing up makeup as a primer. And while most makeup primers are glorified lotions, this is one that’s worth the rub. True to the Banana Bright line, the canary cream first revs up dull complexions. Then the thin-but-frosting-like formula smooths over uneven patches so the makeup on top can lie flat. Or wear it alone…the cream’s vitamin C ensures a more even complexion with each use.

Concealer is a game of tradeoffs. A good one might conceal well but it may not last long, or it perfectly matches your skin tone but misses the mark for texture. That is until drumroll… the one that does everything. Ami Cole’s fluid formula dries to a dewy-but-not-too-dewy finish, all the while covering up gnarly unevenness. It conceals without feeling or looking like a concealer, you know?

At this point, an eyeliner that doesn’t smudge and glides on easily is table stakes. These days, colorways and finish is what separates the standouts from the rejects. No. 1 Pencil has a modern finish that’s not too matte, so it doesn’t come off chalky, and it’s not inky either, which makes it feel more accessible as an everyday item. And the colors! You know how everything is the so-called “jeans of makeup,” as in you can throw it on without much thought and still look good? That’s what you’re getting with this edited 10-shade lineup. You can go big with a brighter color and a chunky, all-over-lid look, or thin and subtle with one of the neutrals or jet black. It swipes away quickly before setting, should you make a mistake, and stays in place for hours afterwards, as an eyeliner should.

This is just a fun-looking mascara that defines, curls, and lengthens without making your eyes tear up. And also, your niece will think you’re cool.

The solution for when you want an exfoliant that does a little more than a chemical gel cleanser, but a little less than a scrub. AHAs and BHAs polish and clear out your face gunk, and the slightly grainy powder gently buffs less-than-smooth skin to the touch. What’s great is that all of the exfoliants are dialed down, so you can’t overdo it. Because come on…don’t kid yourself. You know that given the opportunity with any other exfoliant, you’re bound to scrub yourself raw.

Unfortunately, it’s October. You can no longer rely on startling humidity to maintain a healthy glow. Aside from beefing up your water intake, you can stave off chapped skin with this dew in a bottle. Apply under body lotion for the slightest bronze-y finish. It doesn’t rub off and doesn’t look too shiny.

This one’s for the lazy folks. The only easy manicure is the one you don’t have to do. So if you’re not up for going to the salon or going bare, the only solution is to fake it with press-ons. Don’t be afraid! Fake nails have come a long way since the gaudy ones collecting dust on the drugstore bottom shelf. They are…cool now…if you know where to look. The ones from Chillhouse fit snugly in nail beds and are designed with a manicurist’s eye in mind. And they change out the design’s frequently, so you won’t get caught with a spring look in the heart of fall.

If you have hair, you have to dry it. And using anything less than a microfiber towel is hair abuse. But have you tried a waffle knit microfiber towel? It’s like a microfiber towel with an extra shot of espresso. Hair dries super fast, and it doesn’t hurt that the towel is beautiful.

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