19/07/2024 12:34 PM


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Justin Bieber’s Got a New Favorite Pair of Weirdo Shades

Justin Bieber’s Got a New Favorite Pair of Weirdo Shades

Justin Bieber’s personal style has gone through many phases, and almost all of them can be characterized by whatever eyewear he was wearing at the time. There was the Belieber RETROSUPERFUTURE flat tops phase, and then the spiritual wire-framed aviators phase, and most recently, the fashion-scumbag Balenciaga shades phase—the last of which, it seems, has segued into an even more cartoonish extraterrestrial bug-eyed sunglasses phase.

Bieber’s new insectile eyewear appeared past week during his recent visit to New York City with his wife, Hailey Bieber, where they’ve been bopping around town wearing cool but seemingly antithetical little outfits. (They are, perpetually, gigantic suit BF and tasteful gown GF.)  For a coffee run in TriBeCa, Justin wore a shearling-trimmed Loewe work jacket and those giant butter-yellow glasses, strolling alongside Hailey in her elegant, giant-lapelled Saint Laurent coat and razor-thin vintage Prada shades. The next day, he wore an identical pair of glasses—this time in purple—with a jaunty Stüssy striped cardigan, while his better half looked like, well, his better half, wearing more off-the-runway YSL.

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Both bug-eyed pairs come from Poppy Lissiman, an Australian accessories brand that has also made its way onto some of the other most famous faces on the planet (i.e., Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid) as of late. Per the company’s Instagram account, the oversized Cherloi shades dropped just this week, and also come in black. Which, we can only assume, means we’ll get another Justin-Hailey outfit mashup in the coming days—him in his black fly-eye shades, her probably in the most put-together casual look you’ve ever seen.