22/06/2024 3:35 PM


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Lush to hand out free gifts and massages at new ‘Lush Lounge’


// Lush to offer free gifts and massages at Westfield London store until December 20
// Lush has collaborated with The Poetry Pharmacy to pair visitors with antidotal poems

Lush has launched “Lush Lounge” at its Westfield London store to offer customers free gifts and massages.

The new space, which is available until December 20, is is designed with wellness in mind.

The retailer said there will be mood-based galleries, massages, gifting and extra services.

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“The antithesis of a commercial pop-up, the Lush Lounge will offer an inviting space removed from the Christmas chaos where busy shoppers can sit down, press pause and reset,” Lush said.

The store will offer a bath bomb projection experience, which is one of the main art features.

Lush has also collaborated with The Poetry Pharmacy to pair visitors with antidotal poems.

There will be “thought-provoking journals” throughout the space to encourage visitors to think, reflect and share ideas.

There will be a gallery display showing unedited representations of people’s “me time” moments.

Customers can also refresh at a station with a sink and mirror, along with products.

Lush is offering free hand and arm massages, a “scent shower” and personalised guidance at the lounge.