16/07/2024 10:08 AM


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Marisa Tomei Calls This Mushroom-Powered Moisturizer a “Go-To”

Marisa Tomei Calls This Mushroom-Powered Moisturizer a “Go-To”

Actress Marisa Tomei has revealed one of her new skin-care musts, and it involves a just-launched mushroom-powered moisturizer.

As Tomei describes it, A.P. CHEM’s microDOSE Magical Moisturizer ($75) is her “new go-to moisturizer,” pinpointing it as “luxe, yet lightweight.”

Formulated with the brand’s proprietary adaptoGEN8—a blend of eight mushroom extracts (think calming Reishi and protective Chaga to name two) and a KETAmino Acid Complex, which contains neuropeptides and amino acids—the no-fuss moisturizer boasts multiple antioxidants, while delivering brightening benefits and a skin-smoothing effect.

Plus, it gets the stamp of approval from two New York derms, who created the fragrance-free vegan who created the “age-deceleration” line to “hit pause” on the internal and external factors that can stress skin.