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Meet KUNOKA, wayward shoes for a wayward woman

Meet the KUNOKA designer

Kunoka is the lovechild of our founder and designer, Evelyne Van der Looven, a considerate
businesswoman at day, an outward friend at night, and a mother at all times. A personality of exciting contrasts.

She was in the shoe business for many years, and she entered the KUNOKA project following her quest for high-quality, comfortable designer shoes made in an ethical, sustainable, transparent and honest way. The KUNOKA designer calls her creations an artistic mix between honest and local craftsmanship, ethical values and creativity resulting in a casual chic style with a twist.

The KUNOKA woman

When designing, Evelyne envisions the KUNOKA woman as a woman whose style expresses her personality. The KUNOKA woman is not afraid to be different. She is pure, honest and real but not predictable, rather surprising… She is kind but strong. She does not fear to embrace color as an unpredictable element in her outfits. She is intrigued by unexpected textures.

The KUNOKA woman is a pure-hearted wild child, she is different. We call it wayward.

Our values
Wayward by design

Surprising colors, carefully selected premium materials and unexpected
textures are the founding principles of our designers’, style.

Wayward by philosophy

Not a new collection every season, but regular releases of new creations over
the course of the year. New releases are produced in limited editions to
foster the uniqueness of the wayward woman wearing them.

Wayward by values

In a world flooded with fast fashion, produced overseas, KUNOKA goes for ethical, honest, transparent European (local) craftsmanship and sustainable production. Today, people buy shoes for a couple of euros, made by people in poor working conditions and made from inferior and heavily polluting materials. After a few months, these shoes end up in landfills. At KUNOKA, we have different values. We encourage people to buy fewer, but higher quality shoes that truly reflect their personality and that last. A KUNOKA shoe is a masterpiece made by hand. We honor the craftsmen who made them and make no compromise on quality, comfort and sustainability even when this comes at a cost…

Latest news @ KUNOKA
1. Marvelous ambassador event

After two lockdown periods, we were thrilled to finally catch up in person with our ambassadors at the the KUNOKA influencer event. We enjoyed an amazing boat trip on the Leie and our ambassadors had the chance to discover KUNOKA’s High Summer Sandals collection. Bright orange, lemon yellow, soft pink or animal printed calf hair, the KUNOKA effortless elegance sandal collection is full of happy colors after months of lockdown. “We noticed that people want happiness and they want to dress up again” says Evelyne, founder and designer of KUNOKA shoes. “This is why we worked with bright colors and why our collection evolved towards more refined designs with heels from
now and then.” “This does not mean that you have to compromise on comfort: we use our renowned memory foam for our insoles, which provides the necessary support and room. The shoes adapt to your feet which will give you the impression of walking on clouds.” We were so charmed by the presence of our ambassadors, all amazing girls, truly loving our brand and spreading the word. We are grateful for this wonderful afternoon. Keep an eye on your socials, there is more to come !

Hot news @ KUNOKA
2. Opening van onze summer store in Knokke

Yes, we’re open! And very excited to welcome you in our Summer Store in Knokke. Discover our High summer collection of mighty mules, colorful sandals and summer sneakers. You’ll be 100% summer ready after a visit to our Summer Store. We are looking forward to meeting you !

Place to be : Zeewindstraat 3, 8300 Knokke

Read more about KUNOKA on the brandpage: fashionunited.com/companies/kunoka