Meet the Microblading Artist Bringing French Girl Brows to New York

I am up-front from the beginning that I will make your eyebrows look like sisters, not twins. All people are asymmetrical—we have two different sides of our face, and hair grows differently on each side. My specialization is a natural look, always personalized, the same way haute couture in Paris is sur mesure, tailored to each client.

It’s almost like the Coco Chanel quote, “Dress impeccably and they remember the woman.” If the brow is meticulously tailored to the person, you don’t even notice the brow—you notice the person, which is the point, right? Where is that line for you, then, between brows that follow “the natural trend” and brows that are tailored naturally?

I am here to bring about the best in you and your eyebrows, not, for instance, replicate the look of a brunette Hollywood actress on a blond New York client. In the end, we are all people, different, and imperfect; our imperfections, however, are what make us unique, beautiful, and human. My job, my passion, is to accentuate that beauty with a subtle, but defined eyebrow treatment that is “natural to you.” It’s a couture method that’s tailored to you and your unique facial contours. I focus on matching facial and tendon structure as the foundation to build on, so that you, the client, can be yourself with the best version of your eyebrows possible. After all, you can only be yourself. By not trying to be someone else, you’re able to maintain a look natural to you with eyebrows tailored to your unique facial framing—and, I should note, save literal time and effort no longer wasting mornings applying excessive makeup to your brows.

That’s an interesting note because I think, for many, microblading seems like an extreme approach. It’s semipermanent tattooing. But you take that extreme-sounding tool and use it for minimalism and ease.

Microblading, to me, is all about making life easier, waking up fresh and complete—really, there’s no price for that! Very concretely, my clients save lots of precious time each morning, an even larger amount on a yearly basis, and do so without the burden of applying excessive makeup to their eyebrows. With microblading, they’re able to spend valuable extra time for themselves, their kids, or their sleep. They’re as grateful as I am for microblading’s true life-changing benefits: the confidence, time-savings, convenience, and, for the Francophiles out there, raffiné.

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