New Pike County shop turns previously loved apparel into Appalachian fashion statements

Isaura M. League

PIKEVILLE, Ky. (WYMT) – A new shop in downtown Pikeville called “Appcycled” is turning second-hand apparel into upcycled “one-of-a-kind” fashion statements.

“It’s Appalachian, plus upcycled, plus apparel,” said shop owner Jasmine Meade. “It’s all of those ideas going into that one word for that to be the vision of the store.”

The shop, which was previously only an online store doing custom apparel orders, has blossomed into a growing business and will soon include a physical location at 242 2nd Street.

“A couple of people asked for an order and then a couple more people asked,” said Meade. “Then I just started kinda doing a couple of other things and testing the waters with other products. Yeah, it’s growing and I’m excited.”

With many shops coming to downtown Pikeville such as the Shoppes at 225 in the following months, officials and local consumers are excited to see unique businesses prosper.

“I think Jasmine’s passion and just her ability is going to be something that people in this area haven’t seen before,” said Pikeville Main Street Director Minta Trimble. “I’m just really excited that we have that sustainable, repurposed, and, like I said, just that passion of hers is coming through.”

According to Trimble and Meade, Appcycled and the Shoppes at 225 are scheduled to open around the same time in mid-to-late August. For more information about Appcycled, visit the shop’s Facebook page or website.

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