14/07/2024 1:32 PM


Piece of That Fashion

Online boutique hopes to help customers embrace their inner beauty

A new online boutique for women goes beyond fashion and tries to help women feel comfortable and confident.

The boutique is called Enthralled, and they say on their website that they hope to “empower women to celebrate the radiant beauty of their authentic heart…”

“I’ve always had a passion for women and girls and this idea of building them up and making them feel beautiful,” Enthralled founder and owner Jess Hawk said.

Hawk wanted to channel that passion into something that could positively impact women, and after a year of planning, Enthralled was born.

“It was overwhelming in the best way,” Hawk said. “People that I haven’t talked to in years, from high school or from childhood or people that I’m acquaintances with came out of the woodwork and were just like showering me in love and support and encouragement.”

One of the things Hawk hopes her boutique does is build a community of women who support and encourage one another to embrace their beauty.

“I believe from the core of my being when a woman is unguarded and she’s risking her beauty, that is when she is most captivating and most beautiful,” Hawk said. “There’s just a light that shines from within her that you can’t resist and want to be a part of.”