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Panel Looks Ahead to 2023

Panel Looks Ahead to 2023

What’s top of mind for retailers heading into 2023?



Miller Zell’s “Retail Rebound” event in late October featured a panel discussion on that intriguing and critical question.

Moderated by nationally recognized retail expert Carol Spieckerman, topics covered included the right balance of customer experience vs. path to purchase efficiency; which tech is the right tech; smaller footprint, bigger impact; elevating the employee experience; and retail media networks providing new revenue. 

The overriding conclusion? Retailers who are customer-focused and willing to innovate and evolve will continue to thrive.

“Despite all of the doomsday predictions that we’ve been hearing about retail, it turns out retailers have been pretty resilient,” Spieckerman said during her introduction. “And the ones that have made it this far have rebounded from a lot of difficult situations.”


Check out these key moments from the video

04:38     What’s the right balance of high touch and high tech within the in-store experience? 

19:40     What’s the future of Direct-to-Consumer brands entering brick & mortar retail?

32:30     What’s next with retail media turning brand partners into paying customers?

36:00     How do you adopt new customer touchpoints without cluttering your store? 

44:30     How do you strike the balance of transactional efficiency vs. elevated customer experiences?

52:30     What about the associate experience? How is that incorporated into store design?

58:30     Prediction time. What’s next, from a retailer perspective? Or a consumer perspective?


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