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Rachel Zoe Shares Her Three Favorite Winter 2022 Trends

Rachel Zoe Shares Her Three Favorite Winter 2022 Trends

Interview with Rachel Zoe about her career, her best styling moments, and her favorite fall/winter fashion trends


Imaxtree/Carolina Herrera; Courtesy of Versace; Courtesy of Bottega Veneta

As of late, it seems you can’t scroll through social media without stumbling upon a TikTok or Twitter thread with a heady dose of nostalgia. We’ve seen collective sentimentality reflected through sartorial choices (e.g., the return of Y2K-inspired trends and the alt-girl aesthetic), and on a larger scale, we’ve seen more fashion houses pull inspiration from their archives. We can see the influence nostalgia has had most prominently in trends, but if we’re being honest, there’s always been one particular fashion-industry expert who can make us feel wistful: Rachel Zoe. 

Any fashion-obsessed millennial can most likely recall a time when they first became acquainted with Zoe’s work. Maybe it was realizing she styled a starlet in the pages of a glossy zine or watching her reality TV show on Bravo entitled The Rachel Zoe Project. But whatever way you came to her work, there’s no denying that her impact is woven into every part of the zeitgeist. With over 29 years in the fashion industry, Zoe can be accredited as the brain behind some of the most viral moments in fashion, from red carpet looks to fashion trends. 

She not only styled some of the biggest starlets of the mid-aughts (think Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie) but also made some of those trends like boho-chic popular. Beyond styling, she launched her namesake label and digital publication. If that weren’t enough, she more recently co-founded Curateur, a membership-based shopping service. All of this is to say that Zoe has been and continues to be one of the driving forces behind what’s stylish. So when we were offered the chance to speak with her, we giddily accepted. 

Ahead, Zoe is talking about what she’s learned throughout her career, some of her favorite styling moments, and, of course, which winter trends she feels are worth investing in for the long haul.