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Recycling, Future of Food Retail, and Grocery Tech Graveyard- Weekly Snacks #31

Recycling, Future of Food Retail, and Grocery Tech Graveyard- Weekly Snacks #31

Campaign Corner

Beer on Netflix. Beer brands were shut down from Amazon Prime’s ads due to a recent policy that prohibits alcohol ads in several countries, including the US. However, Netflix doesn’t have this policy. The streaming platform will debut its ad-supported tier in the US and Anheuser-Busch InBev is the first to secure a slot for its beer ad. 

Democracy lives. Leave it to Liquid Death to create a campaign that catches people’s attention. With its most recent campaign, Liquid Death wants to make sure that “thirst dies and democracy lives”. As early in-person voting has begun in Georgia, Liquid Death’s water giveaway couldn’t come at a better time. 

Retail technology

Customer data. Retailers and brands are collecting and using more customer data than ever before. However, where does this leave them legally? Customers want brands and retailers to be more transparent about how their data is used and who has access to it. A recent study from Cisco shows that 39% of customers said providing “clear information on how my data is being used” is the top priority. 

Self-checkouts. Please love to shop, but they hate to wait in line for their turn at the cash register. That’s why self-checkouts are truly appreciated by customers who are in a hurry. More retailers are planning on going from cash registers to self-checkouts to save time, money, and delight customers. 

Grocery tech graveyard. Some tech products fill a gap in the market and solve the biggest pain points of customers. However, there are a few tech products that were not as great and ended up in the tech graveyard. These 5 recent innovations weren’t up to the task and retailers simply stopped using them. 

Expert opinions

Recycling. Plastic might never be completely recycled or eliminated. How does this impact retailers and their sustainability efforts? In a recent discussion on Retail Wire, Mark Ryski shared his point of view on the matter: 

Online shopping threats. What are the biggest threats to online shopping? This is the topic of one of Retail Wire’s discussions. Here’s what Ken Morris shared regarding this topic: 

Omnichannel shopping, Food retail, and healthy living

Future of Food Retail. What does the Gen Z generation think about the future of food retail? During the Grocery Industry Week event, various panelists discussed the preferences of the younger generation. When it comes to food retail, it seems that Gen Zers are still enjoying the personalized experience only brick-and-mortar retailers can offer. 

Omnichannel holiday shopping. What to amaze shoppers during the holiday shopping season? It’s time to create an omnichannel seamless shopping experience. Customers are expecting a mix of digital and in-store shopping experiences.

Ultra-processed food. How does ultra-processed food fit into a healthy diet? Considering the rising inflation, ultra-processed food seems like a good alternative in terms of costs and convenience. However, does it belong to a long-term healthy diet? It appears so.