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Retail Insider and Progress Retail Announce Exclusive Content and Insights Partnership


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Retail Insider Media Ltd. is excited to announce our exclusive partnership with Progress Retail. As a leading Retail Operations and Employee Experience (EXP) platform in Canada, Progress Retail will work with Retail Insider to curate content specifically derived from its unique user and anonymized client insights, as well as bring its renowned and personalized retail education to retailers across the country. 

“What Progress Retail has brought to the market is far more than just another tech platform. It’s an end-to-end solution for retailers to engage employees, decrease turnover, and connect the entire business under one platform,” said Retail Insider founder, CEO and Co-Editor-in-Chief, Craig Patterson

“The breadth of what Progress Retail can provide has never been needed more by retailers with the drastic changes to the landscape over the past two years with the pandemic,” continued Patterson.

“It’s been a pleasure collaborating with Craig and Retail Insider the past few years, and we’re honoured to kick off this partnership in conjunction with our continued growth and focus in Canada,” said Ray Riley, Progress Retail’s CEO.

As retailers push more and more change into the innovation pipeline, it culminates at the store level, and therefore employee experience is impacted if the best tools are not available to help embed the change successfully to maximise benefit from investments.

Andrew Smith, author of Retail Innovation Reframed and advisor to Progress Retail says “the single biggest focus for every retailer right now must be the ability to change at pace. There is no point creating bright and shiny new experiences for your customers if your store teams aren’t coming along on the journey. A focus on their experience and their learning journey is key”. 

A few of the challenges Progress is helping retailers across the world solve every day:

  • The show floor is the heart of every retail operation. Progress Retail ensures an engaged and connected employee experience that allows for consistency and improved outcomes in every execution from merchandising to campaigns, to new technology.
  • Progress Retail helps you retain talent, execute on change quicker and more effectively, and ensures your frontline teams are highly capable and up to date with dynamic, role-tailored learning experiences.

To learn more about Progress Retail, visit this link.



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