20/06/2024 12:17 PM


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Social media top discovery channel for young consumersRetail Customer Experience

Social media top discovery channel for young consumers

When it comes to discovering international brands, young consumers, millennials and the Gen Z population, turn to social media.

That’s a top finding of a Global-e Online Ltd. survey conducted by Censuswide that polled 9,000 consumers across nine markets that bought online from a retailer outside of their respective country.

Millennial (54%) and Gen-Z (55%) consumers report social media as their number one channel for discovering international brands, topping online marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, according to a press release on the data findings.

When asked their preferred platform for buying a branded product, over half (58%) prefer buying directly from a brand’s website, beating out marketplaces (40%) and local resellers (35%).

When shopping online, respondents indicated the main drivers of cross-border shopping are product price (47%), wider variety of products (37%) and better quality (28%).

Social media has become a popular tool for shoppers to become acquainted with brands, with 75% of respondents reporting they purchased from a brand after engaging with it on at least one social network.

Instagram is the favored platform among shoppers to engage directly with brands and ultimately make a purchase (62%). More than half of Gen Z consumers (60%) chose TikTok as their preferred channel.