Stay Cozy With Energy Efficient Space Heaters

Isaura M. League

Space Heaters

As winter draws near, so do cold temperatures and increased heating costs, and customers may be looking for ways to keep their homes warm without breaking the bank. Stocking various types and brands of energy-efficient space heaters with built-in safety features can bring sales to your business and help your customers lower their energy bills.

Lasko offers a variety of space heaters that are budget-friendly and heat small to large spaces. The portable Ceramic Heater with Adjustable Thermostat has a safety feature that will shut the heater off if it gets too hot and can be adjusted to any desired temperature. To heat whole rooms, Lasko’s Cyclonic Digital Ceramic Heater can keep a room warm for hours while maintaining a cool exterior, making it a family-friendly option. All Lasko space heaters have safety features built in and come with a three-year limited manufacturer warranty. 

Dr. Heater space heaters are budget-friendly and designed to be aesthetically pleasing so they easily become part of a room. The DR-968 Portable Space Heater is remote controlled for easy adjustments to keep a room comfortable for longer and is designed to heat around 150 square feet of space. The DR-999 Portable Infrared Space Heater looks like a small cabinet or bedside table, helping it blend into the design of a room while being efficient and comfortable. Dr. Heater products also come with a three-year limited manufacturer warranty and are made in the USA.

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