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Staying Positive and Always spreading Joy – By Ambassador Amber

Staying Positive and Always spreading Joy – By Ambassador Amber

Growing up there was always some kind of stress going on to make it short and simple. As I continued to grow and learn as an adult I’ve truly picked up and created some amazing personality traits that I will say have sculpted me into the person I am today. I am so incredibly grateful for every single person that has been a part of my life or maybe just a slight part of who I am. 

Beth Millner Jewelry ambassador Amber

With all of this being said I want to really talk about how simple and even small acts can change your reality and how you treat one another. For me, starting my day off with kind and meaningful thoughts and affirmations help me to bring joy and peace to others as much as I can every day. 

I recently was working at a wonderful restaurant in Arvada, CO. I mention this because I have some amazing stories behind working for this place called Jacks and Steamers. Of course being in the restaurant industry you run into a lot of different kinds of stories. This one particularly has shown me so many things about what it truly is to stay positive and always spread joy and care for one another. 

Arvada, CO

When I first started, I really didn’t know what it was going to be like. I’ve worked in all kinds of restaurants but this one really changed me in a great manner. My first day was welcomed with so many smiling faces and I immediately knew as stressful as anything here might get, I always had a kind individual make my day better. My coworkers showed me a great deal of patience and love, the establishment had I believe over 40 employees who were people with disabilities. Working in this stressful industry I never realized how calm it could be until I was surrounded by so many of these amazing, kind individuals who had taught me so many things that I didn’t even know about myself. 

Everyday I was greeted with kindness and a smile, and if that isn’t a great way to come into work I don’t know what is. I want to express how much the clients and my coworkers showed me what it’s like to spread joy and positivity even when we all might be under stressful, high-energy scenarios. Although, I no longer work here because I moved to Utah, I still bring what I was taught and grateful for with me everywhere I go even if it’s 50 miles away or 1,000 miles I always try to stay true to who I am and all the love and positivity that I can spread throughout every person I know and every new person I get the chance to meet.