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There is a lot of false impression kicking around in a world that is very concerned about creating clarity of silhouette. What is the use of shapewear? Who uses it? How is it worn? And why should it be worn? Such questions are what has lead to a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to shapewear. We think it is time to give you some body confidence tips and to clear things up and give you the right information about shapewear. For us, shapewear is more than just versatility and accessibility.

Myths of Sizing

Choosing shapewear too small is going to be more effective

You should not be thinking this way. You cannot become that dress size just because you choose to wear shapewear of that size. Always remember that the goal of shapewear is refining your shape and smoothing your line. Garments that are too tight will result in lumps and bumps, and they are going to affect your silhouette. You will also be feeling very uncomfortable. Shapewear should not be causing you any pain, it should be reinforcing your confidence.

Choosing shapewear too big will feel more comfortable

You should also not be timid when it comes to choosing shapewear. You should always choose an accurate fit for your shapewear. You will not feel discomfort when you have a perfectly fitted bodysuit or sized control shorts. You don’t need to size up. When you size up, you end up with a garment that rolls and shifts when moving around. This will cause interruptions that you wouldn’t have had if you were to choose shapewear that fits.

Myths of Clientele

Shapewear is for plus size women only

Many plus size women have shapewear. But there are a lot of women who are not plus size who own shapewear. Shapewear is about positive body image and not BMI. It will smoothen the lines of your figure and reinforce your confidence. But this is not where it ends. Shapewear can also be about comfort and support. Bodies will feel more confident when bodies are supported by underwear.

Shapewear is for special occasions only

There is a wide range of options out there when it comes to shapewear; this is why it is not only meant for special occasions. There are a lot of items in your wardrobe that work for you. Maybe the control slip you have works great under the summer frock, the same way you swear that control briefs leave you feeling confident when you wear your jeans. The shapewear you need for your wardrobe is going to depend on how versatile they are to your looks.

Myths of Use

Shapewear is uncomfortable and leaves you feeling sweaty

This was the case in the past. There has been a lot of innovation in fabrics, and this has been seen more in recent years. Shapewear today is more malleable and breathable. There are control shorts that don’t have a shoehorn, which means you will feel comfortable and the skin underneath remains healthy. The advancement in the industry has made it possible to make shapewear targeting specific areas. This means compression is not going to cause you discomfort.

Shapewear is part and parcel of your wardrobe. It helps you with smoothing and shaping your silhouette while enhancing your confidence. This is not a secret or anything to worry about. Just buy the right size and style.