The New Michael Kors Fragrance Gorgeous! Has A Secret That Its Face, Sara Sampaio, Won’t Tell

The newest fragrance by Michael Kors, Gorgeous!, has a secret. And it’s one that the face of the scent, Sara Sampaio, won’t easily reveal. “There is a hidden message on the Gorgeous! bottle collar, though you’ll have to get it for yourself to see what it is,” she says. However, Kors himself is willing to spill the beans. “I love that every time you remove the cap, you reveal a little ‘Hello, Gorgeous!’ affirmation hidden on the collar,” he says. “The Michael Kors Gorgeous! bottle was inspired by modern architecture and the idea of timelessness.”

Timelessness is a word that fits the designer well. Kors has dedicated his career and brand to empowering women and Gorgeous! is no exception. “I wanted to create a scent that you could spritz and instantly feel ready to take on the world,” Kors says. “I thought about the women in my life who are strong, confident and full of joy. I wanted to bottle up that confidence and help our customers feel like the best version of themselves.”

The juice is a modern spin on a classic white floral bouquet, with jasmine sambac, tuberose, ylang and orange flower notes, rounded out with a smoky tobacco accord and a deep base of cedarwood and guaiac wood oil. “I like the duality of femininity and strength found in the fragrance,” Sampaio says. “Oftentimes those are seen as dueling notions, when in reality, as any woman could tell you, they often work hand in hand, which the fragrance does so well.”

For Kors, the scent is all about sending a message. “The fragrant white florals give you optimism and glamour, and when mixed with warm tobacco and wood accents, they create this unexpected scent that exudes strength and confidence,” he says. These days, confidence and optimism are two things that we need more than ever. “Life moves fast and there’s so much going on in the world, it can be overwhelming,” Kors says. “On top of that, the past year has been challenging for everyone, and I think a little boost of confidence and optimism is something we can all appreciate.”

It was an easy choice for Kors to cast Portuguese model and actress Sampaio to star in the Michael Kors Gorgeous! campaign. “Sara fully embodies the spirit of the fragrance—she radiates confidence, optimism, joy and strength,” he says. Sampaio was instantly on board. “When the opportunity presented itself, it was a no-brainer,” she says. “Michael Kors is a staple in American fashion, and the prestige of being chosen as the face of one of his fragrances is not lost on or understated by me. As ubiquitous as the brand is, I think what’s just as apparent is Michael’s love for and celebration of women. There is an optimism and positivity to the brand that is infectious, and I’m glad to now be a part of that conversation.”

Shot in New York City, the Michael Kors Gorgeous! campaign captures the essence of the location. “New York City is my—and my brand’s—home,” Kors says. “The campaign was all about finding your inner confidence and showing the world who you really are. We brought together a diverse cast and, we thought, where better to celebrate individuality than the streets of New York?”

That element of diversity was embraced by Sampaio. “I loved that both on set and off we were surrounded by a diverse group of women,” she says. “It’s so empowering to see women behind the camera, producing and calling the shots. And I think that speaks to Michael Kors’ goal with the fragrance: to celebrate the duality women in all aspects of life.”

Ultimately, Sampaio aimed to convey the fragrance’s essence of confidence in the campaign. “I love that they used the picture of me smiling for the campaign imagery because that’s the exact representation of my internal feelings while shooting,” Sampaio says. “They say you can’t bottle up that feeling of self-assurance and positivity but wait until you smell Gorgeous!”

Sampaio’s admiration of the scent is evident in the Michael Kors Gorgeous! campaign. “I’m obsessed with the versatility of the fragrance,” Sampaio says. “In the past I’ve been so used to fragrances that are either pigeon-holed as daytime fragrances [or] reserved for special occasions, but what I love about Gorgeous! is how it transitions from day-to-night without a second thought.”

Perhaps that has something to do with the scent’s message. Kors sums up his latest fragrance perfectly: “You are gorgeous! Don’t be afraid to share that with the world.”