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The top jean trends to buy in 2022 Hurry up and find your fit


It’s 2022 and skinny jeans are dead. But that doesn’t mean women aren’t still clamouring for the new popular style in jeans – it just looks a little different to what we have all got used to. Read on to learn the top jean trends for 2022 and stay on the cutting-edge of women’s fashion with this classic wardrobe staple.

1. Upcycled jeans

One of the big buzzwords around the world in this decade is ‘sustainability’. This means circular fashion, where clothing is not simply discarded as waste to add to the world’s environmental problems.

Frugality and resourcefulness are interchangeable with DIY aesthetics. Think patch up vintage jeans, upcycled deadstock and other creative denim ideas. Alternatively, you can invest in circular design with your new jeans. Style choices are up to you; you can let your jeans the centrepiece of your look or complement them with pattern and texture clashes galore.

2. Super baggy jeans

With people spending more time at home after changes brought about by the pandemic, comfort is becoming a bigger priority. Looser fits improve wearability, and this is emerging as a trend in itself.

You can pleat a relaxed silhouette at the waist or cinch it with a belt. Baggy wide fits are the order of the day to accommodate the more relaxed sense of style. It harks back to the 1990s, like so many current fashion trends, combining faded washes with low-slung waistlines and wide leg shapes.

If you want to pursue this look, try going full 19902 grunge with some canvas kicks.

3. Light jeans

The neutral jean is simple and versatile. They can be dyed or undyed and coordinated with other matching items for a tonal look from head to toe. This really is a staple piece that can elevate your denim game.

White denim always radiates ultra-chic and makes a fantastic alternative option for those days where you want to keep it low-key or for anyone who prefers the pared-back denim look. It’s all in the styling – some simple off-white jeans can look gorgeous with a simple nude vest.

If you want to push the boat out a little with your light denim, you could mix a pair with some lighter prints and textiles in your ensemble.

4. Straight leg jeans

This really is a go-to fit and should be ever-present in every woman’s wardrobe for 2022. Look for new takes on the idea that emphasise planet-friendly fabrics and washes to be really in tune with the times.

Denim has an evergreen quality that transcends things like long or cropped seams. It makes a practical everyday choice and persists as a classic garment choice that has the versatility to work for almost any occasion with maximum comfort. The straight leg cut is as popular as ever in 2022 and we are loving the choices.

In terms of style options, some extra long straight jeans could be paired with a matching denim jacket over a white vest. This is another call-back to the 90s for you.

5. Flared jeans

In another shout-out for the trend towards nostalgic denim, flared jeans are making a big return in 2022.

The look to envision is low-waisted 90s flares and high-waisted 70s boot cuts. Pair them with a matching crop top and you are onto a winner. There are some stunning trouser shapes appearing right now and the more adventurous among you will be quick to give them a try.

Flared jeans can really be taken to new levels with the latest iterations. We are seeing people layering them with skirts, dresses and platforms to dazzling effect, so let your imagination take you where it will.


While the trends for jeans are ever-evolving, those denim staples consistently remain a wardrobe essential for style-conscious women (and men, for that matter). Trends from the 90s are resurfacing with modern twists resulting in some creative and genuinely stunning everyday looks with jeans front and centre.

The other key consideration is the trend towards sustainability, and this is an important consideration as the fashion industry works to reduce its environmental impact. Set an example by leading the way with your fashion choices, choosing upcycled items or brand new ones made from sustainable materials with planet-friendly washes.

Whatever choices you make, just remember to do you and let your creativity shine. Personal statements are always important when it comes to fashion, and jeans present an excellent opportunity to make them. No-on knows what works for your style better than you, so make it happen!

More trends and fashion tips follow us 🙂

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