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The Unsung Heroes of PAR™ Technology

The Unsung Heroes of PAR™ Technology

Customer service representatives are the unsung heroes for most technology and service providers. They tend to be the customer’s first point of contact when faced with problems or challenges and in need of expert assistance.

In recent years, the need for a quality customer service team has drastically increased with 95% of consumers indicating that customer service is important to their choice of brand and loyalty. From the same survey, 59% of global consumers say they have higher customer service expectations now than they had a year ago.

To meet the lofty expectations for top-notch customer service, PAR Technology provides brands with a star-studded service team to help them grow and ensure technology never gets in their way. Here at PAR, we are devoted to providing brands with the best possible services and solutions available, and our customer service team is no exception to these goals. What makes the PAR customer service team unique is they “genuinely care about our customers. There is not a single person in support that does not go above and beyond our customer’s expectations,” said Ray Lane, a customer service manager at PAR. This is because the PAR customer service team shares a vision of ensuring nothing comes between brands and their guests.

PAR support representatives are the best in the business with the experience and expertise to quickly get brands back on track. “No one has the years of combined experience that we have and that is hard to beat. We know our customers and have worked with many of them for years. Our experience gives our new customers the confidence that we can handle any situation thrown our way, quickly and efficiently,” said Glen Fedor, a project coordinator at PAR.

To our support teams, customer service is much more than providing our clients with possible resolutions to operational issues. Our customer support teams “build relationships with our customers, get to know them, and show them how much we truly care about what they are going through. At the end of it all, we have helped set their world right again,” said Tonia Martin, director of customer support at PAR.

The customer service team at PAR will act as a brand’s security blanket and is here to assist them every step of the way from installations to field services to 24/7/365 customer care.

PAR’s field service technicians are equipped with the necessary tools to complete repairs promptly. “PAR gives each technician the ability to take ownership of issues and work on the problem,” said Bryan Fischer, a technical support specialist at PAR. Our field service technicians “have KCS (knowledge-centered support) which ensures that the technician has the most updated information” to properly resolve all issues. With personnel across the United States, technicians reach brands quickly to provide support when needed most. PAR technicians “have all the tools needed to tackle almost every issue that comes [their] way. In all cases, [they] leave the clients side better than when [they] arrived,” said Willem-Jan Bodingius, a senior customer experience technician at PAR.

To minimize downtime and avoid costly on-site visits, PAR provides brands with 24/7/365 help desk support, so the service team is always available, no matter the holiday or the brand’s operating hours. 24/7/365 help desk support is available via phone or email to diagnose and solve problems. The support team will “take the time to work in-depth with each customer and not just look to get them off the phone and move on to the next,” said Glen Fedor. This is because each and every client is special to us, and our support teams treat their challenges and technical issues with the utmost importance.

Help desk support will remotely connect to Windows-based systems and directly help owners and operators with general troubleshooting and inquiries, bug validation, and break/fix resolutions to ensure a brand’s systems are always operating at peak efficiency. With remote care services, the PAR customer service team will proactively monitor applications, services, and processes as well as assist with windows updates and patches, asset management, hardware monitoring, enterprise-level anti-virus protection, and so much more so brands can focus on their guests and services.

At the end of the day, our clients and their experience with our products and services are what truly matter. Our customer service team has the confidence and experience to tackle any issue that may arise quickly and efficiently. According to Willem-Jan Bodingius, “our customers are happy when we arrive and even happier when we leave.”