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Piece of That Fashion

The Wives’ Best Fashion & Beauty Moments

The TLC sister wives have fashionable looks and makeup trends they show off on Instagram. Here is a glance at some of their best styles.

Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn Brown are known for their documented polygamy lifestyle on Sister Wives, but outside of the show, they have shown off some fashionable outfits on Instagram. Each of them has an Instagram account where they share parts of their lives you may not see a lot of on TLC. Here are some of their best fashion moments.


Meri holds the most followers among the sister wives, with 538k. In her many selfies and videos of everyday life, you can see she is the owner of many colorful shirts in a wide range of patterns and prints. With her blonde hair curled down to her shoulders, Meri has shown off animal print long sleeve shirts, striped sweaters, and shirts with phrases like “Home Body” and “Love.” Meri’s Instagram also leads her followers to her clothing website LuLaRoe, where dresses and skirts, among other articles of clothing, are sold.

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Janelle’s account has 453k followers and the least amount of photos of herself. Instead, she tends to post pictures of her family, food, and promotional stills for her family’s reality show. Though she may not be into fashion like the other wives, Janelle’s son Garrison has his own clothing line called Bob’s Floral, where he sells Hawaiin shirts, dresses, and swimwear.


Christine has 465k followers. As seen on her Instagram, she takes photos of herself showing off her outfits and uses hashtags like #becauseoflularoe, promoting her sister wives’ business. From her account, it’s clear she has a multitude of items from Meri’s shop, including flowery sweaters and plaid blouses, as well as graphic t-shirts with phrases like “Be Kind” and “Keep Calm and Love Anacondas.” Christine also advertised Younique Touch Spray Foundation, saying she likes her makeup to look natural and that this brand is perfect for just that. Recently, Christine shared a photo of her daughter Ysabel recreating a look the sister-wife wore when she was young. The 15-year-old mimicked her mother’s bright yellow top and red skirt, and Christine said she was flattered by it.


The beholder of the least amount of followers is Robyn, with 182k. Though she hasn’t posted to her account in years, her page promoted her fashion line, My Sister Wife’s Closet, which ultimately closed in 2019. Prior to its ending, the boutique sold jewelry and clothing and was created by the entire Brown family.

With a lot of Sister Wives drama ensuing, it’s hard to tell what will come of the show. Meri and Christine have hinted at leaving Kody, and the wives can’t seem to overcome jealousy. Whatever the Brown family decides to do about their relationship, at least the sister wives will look good doing it.

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