23/07/2024 6:27 AM


Piece of That Fashion

Time and it’s meaning for men and women

Larry Penkava

Disclaimer: Before you ladies send me dirty emails, understand that this column was written in very broad generalities. And besides, I thought it was funny.

Time was invented for man.

As in the male of the species, the hunter and gatherer, the grunter and growler.

And little children should be thankful (more of that later).

A timepiece means totally different things to men vs. women. It’s the old Mars and Venus syndrome.

For a man a watch is like something he keeps in his toolbelt. It’s practical and useful. It’s something to, well, watch.

For a woman a watch is a fashion accessory, a thing of beauty that has to match whatever she’s wearing or off it comes, not to be missed. Because its practicality is based on its fashion, not its utility.