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Virtual fashion goes from fiction to reality – Prestige Online


Virtual fashion is becoming a reality more than ever.

In the (very) near future, fashion will have to acknowledge the metaverse, or Web3, is allowing as many people as possible to dress up their avatar, or virtual twin. German shopping destination About You is already moving things up a gear in this area with the launch of a platform entirely dedicated to digital fashion and NFTs, making them accessible to newcomers and younger generations. The revolution is underway.

A pioneer in NFTs, the art scene is no longer the only player — far from it, in fact — to take advantage of the potential of non-fungible tokens, which allow consumers to acquire rare or exclusive digital works. Fashion brands have also jumped on the bandwagon, creating NFT offerings that sell like hotcakes despite some exorbitant prices, as well as digital fashion looks designed to catch the eye in the new virtual worlds. But online clothing retailer About You is now going even further by launching a platform entirely dedicated to this new playground.

“There are simply no physical limits to self-expression anymore,” says the brand. It’s this realization which motivated, at least to some extent, the Hamburg-based shopping destination to launch Hypewear, a platform for digital fashion and NFTs intended not for a niche community but for the public at large. In other words, the creations offered on the platform will be affordable — the target markets being Generation Z and millennials — and the platform will not require special insider tech knowledge of cryptocurrencies since payments will ultimately be able to be made in euros or dollars.

“The metaverse opened up a new, exciting world for companies and fashion. At About You, we also aim to help shape it. With Hypewear, we are bringing our brand into the digital world and enabling everyone to be a part of it from now on. It is our vision that all physical fashion pieces can also be used as digital assets one day. We want to become the destination for digital fashion and the mainstream wardrobe of the metaverse,” explains Tarek Müller, co-founder of About You.

The digital creations will be designed in partnership with 3D fashion designers, graphic artists, as well as more traditional fashion and sports brands, among others. Unique and exclusive pieces will be launched in limited series, every week. All customers will need to do is upload a photo to Hypewear, then the outfit they purchase will be adapted to their morphology via a digital fitting. The only thing left to do is to share the result on dedicated platforms or social networks.

Hypewear is currently in the launch phase, which means that it is only possible to register online via email, in order to receive a voucher for a free NFT fashion piece in return. This will be able to be used in the next two months for the launch of the platform in its alpha version. For more information, visit the website.

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