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Virtual store, Holiday tension, and Digital coupons

Virtual store, Holiday tension, and Digital coupons

Campaign Corner

Snowman snack. When you have great snacks, everybody wants a taste. In this commercial, PepsiCo shows that snowmen are risking melting just to get to their favorite drinks and snacks. Take a look at this heartwarming commercial for a holiday fun vibe. 

Holiday tension. What if Romeo and Juliett were still alive? Well, Amazon believes that there would definitely be tension at the Holiday table. Just like any other family, it’s best to lighten the atmosphere before it’s too late. Amazon Black Friday can help with this. Check out the funny commercial

Technology elevating retail

Using tech for holidays. The busiest time of the year is here and retailers need all of the help they can get. Home Depot, for instance, is using tech to prepare for the holiday surge. To uphold systems through the holiday season, Home Depot relies on a combination of manual and automated failover mechanisms, site reliability engineering, and scalability.

Virtual store. For a boost of innovation and digitalization, Bloomingdale’s has tapped Emperia, a  virtual experience developer, to create a multi-brand virtual store for the holidays. The store featured Ralph Lauren, David Yurman, Marc Jacobs, and other high-end brands. It also has virtual games, an anniversary-themed collection, and a video showing the retailer’s evolution over time. 

Shoppable videos. In an attempt to satisfy the younger consumers’ desires for authenticity and human connection, more grocers are adding shoppable videos and live streams on social media. However, Firework co-founder and CEO, Vincent Yang, mentioned that grocers should focus on their websites and apps since “shopping intent isn’t happening there (TikTok, Instagram)”. 

Retail experts

Digital coupons. “Do digital coupons discriminate against those who can least afford it?” This was the topic of one of Retail Wire’s latest discussions. Various retail experts shared their opinions on the matter. Here’s what Shep Hyken mentioned: 

Innovation in store. In another discussion on Retail Wire, experts discussed the following topic: “Where is the innovation we should be seeing in store brands?” Here’s what Neil Saunders stated: 

Discounts and predictions

Holiday discounts. With a lot of excess inventory and customers concerned about the high cost of living, retailers need to offer more discounts than in previous years. Unfortunately, profit margins in the retail sector have already shrunk due to inflation, excess inventory, and growing expectations from consumers for price reductions

Black Friday. Black Friday is the most important day for retailers, especially in the United States. Over the years, people woke up at 3 AM to be the first at the door of the store and to get the biggest discounts. However, in the last 3 years, shopping behavior has changed. More and more people are saying that they will purchase on Cyber Monday and 32% of people said they will shop in person on Black Friday.