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what do i need to take to a craft market? a checklist for jewellers — Jewellers Academy


Top tips:

Check carefully what is included for your stall and what you need to bring with you. You may need to provide table cloths and lighting. I have worked at a market where you needed to bring your own light bulbs!

It is important to the organisers of craft markets that you are punctual and set up before the market starts and stay to the end. It is a courtesy to be a part of the community of stallholders and to do what you can – particularly if you want to be invited again. The best markets have a lot of competition for pitches so ensure you are an asset.

Share about the markets you’ll be selling at in advance on your website and social media. Share about your attendance while you are there and be sure to tag the market organisers. Helping to promote the market is good for you and everyone selling there and can help you attract customers.

Most craft markets have good wifi but do check that in advance. If you are using a card machine and your phone, you may want to purchase some additional data on your phone to ensure you can connect when you need to.

If you’re doing the market on your own then do ensure you have lots of food and drink! It can be a tiring day and you need to ensure you have the energy to work all day.

It can be a good use of time to do some making at your stall if you can. It will often be a great talking point for people and stops you from looking very salesy! So do bring your pliers or anything you need for making.

Live events can be a great opportunity to get people’s email addresses. You can have a competition – join the mailing list and as a thank you, one person who joins the mailing list today will win a piece of jewellery worth £XX. Note that your competition must be GDPR compliant.

craft market checklist:

Payments and money

  • A card reader (eg. Paypal, Square Up, izettle etc) – make sure it’s fully charged and that you have the up to date version of the app you need on your phone

  • Receipt Book

  • Order form – if you are offering some items made to order

  • Cash box/money belt etc for taking money

  • Some change for people paying with cash

Products and display

  • Your jewellery!

  • Price display or labels

  • Gift vouchers and envelopes (it’s a great idea to have a gift voucher that people can redeem on your stall or online)

  • Your stand sign/logo

  • Dealers Notice (if you hallmark your work you are required to display a dealers notice. You can print out a copy here >)

  • Business cards

  • Busts, stands, plinths – anything you need to help you display

  • Props – whatever you need to decorate your stand

  • A table cloth – not all markets or fairs provide these

  • Lighting – jewellery always looks best well lit

  • Shelving or lockable cabinets – to maximise your display area/keep things safe if unattended

  • A mirror so that people can try on and see how your jewellery looks!

Packaging and wrapping


  • Making equipment (if you like to make at your stand)

  • Warm clothes if you are at an outdoor event – lots of layers

  • A fully charged phone so you can take some pictures

  • A portable phone charger in case you run out of juice.

What do you take to your craft fairs? Let us know in the comments!


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