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Large modern windowsAre you looking for ways to make your home more energy-efficient and secure? Well, you can’t go wrong with the installation of triple glazed windows. The building regulations in place (except for a few properties) don’t allow the installation of single glazed windows. That’s why most people choose double glazing.

However, with time, double glazed windows will be inadequate and triple glazed will become popular. A lot of homeowners consider energy efficiency as the top most reason to improve their home. That’s why triple glazing has become part of the entire package. Naturally, you might be wondering whether it’s worth investing in the high-performance alternative.

The Difference Between Double and Triple Glazing – Why Is It Necessary?

New residential and commercial buildings feature large swathes of glazing such as picture windows, roof lights and sliding doors. However, all the glass has a lot of impact on energy efficiency since the heat passes through faster than on an insulated wall.

With there being strict building regulations, glazing companies have started creating the best performing products. Triple glazing is becoming popular every day because it comes with improved insulation. That’s because it has two pockets of air rather than one.

A Low-energy Home

In northern Europe, a lot of areas feature cold climates. As such, triple glazing is commonly used in these areas. It’s also commonly used in modern, ultra-low energy newly built houses. They rely on a combination of these features to guarantee utmost energy efficiency. It is beneficial because it offers high levels of insulation and eliminates any micro-gaps in the fabric to guarantee tightness.

A Triple-glazed Window Pane

It is the most efficient option because triple glazing offers greater levels of insulation. Triple glazing is the most recommended option for building regulations that require energy efficiency. Assuming that everything has been installed properly, it doesn’t make sense to have super-insulated windows with gaps around them allowing air to leak out.

Added Extras

There’s much more to triple glazing than the three panes of glass to make the unit more efficient. There are other features available in both double and triple glazing products geared to boosting the overall performance. For instance, there is inert gas such as argon found between the glass. The gas is less conductive thereby improves insulation compared to normal air.

Low E glass can also contribute to proper insulation. It comes with an invisible coating of metal oxide on one of the panes facing inward. As such, it reflects heat back inside the room for proper insulation. Choose products with warm edge spacer bars in the panes. They are made from plastic composite and conduct less heat than aluminium.

Security and Noise Benefits

Triple glazing is hard to break so it’s a good security option for your home. It also works well for noise reduction. However, if you are looking for the best acoustics, you can choose other options such as secondary glazing, laminated glass or units with a larger air gap between the panes.

Is Triple Glazing Worth It?

Yes. It is worth it, especially if you live in a colder climate. You can count on more comfort in your home with the extra panes in our windows. Even better, don’t forget about the additional security and the noise reduction benefits that come with it. Energy efficiency is also a great benefit of using triple glazing windows.